Partner Feature: Sometimes we’re that somebody- A new place for Kansas City, Kansas entrepreneurs to call home

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“Sometimes we’re that ‘somebody’”
A new place for Kansas City, Kansas entrepreneurs to call home

Dr. Donnetta Watson is no stranger to helping entrepreneurs solve challenges.

She’s a SCORE mentor, point person of the Kansas City, Kansas Urban Entrepreneurship (E-) Community and is the founder of the National Black Mastermind Group, a tax-exempt organization that helps businesses start, stabilize and scale. Yet, when a former location that housed her work became unavailable, Watson found herself doing more than helping other entrepreneurs solve challenges.

She embarked on a journey to help Kansas City, Kansas address a longstanding challenge ? providing office space with wraparound support and services for Black entrepreneurs.

Today, Watson will welcome visitors to view the new Kansas City, KS Entrepreneurial Resource and Training Center. A grand opening event is happening at the location, 1121 N. 5th Street, Kansas City, KS 66101 from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Masks are required to attend.

“Oftentimes, I found myself asking, ‘Why isn’t this here? And why hasn’t someone else done this?’” Watson said, “and before I could get the sentence fully out of my mouth, one day, the response was, ‘why aren’t you?’

“Sometimes we’re that ‘somebody.’”

Erik Pedersen, of NetWork Kansas, toured locations with Watson in late August. Pedersen said of Watson’s selection: “She knew the right answer when she saw it. This is a very meaningful development for Wyandotte County.”

Amara Kniep, manager or E-Community Programs for NetWork Kansas, and Jenn Laird, Manager, Rural Entrepreneurship, Eastern Region who serves the KCK Urban E-Community, worked with Watson on planning and logistics. A grant from Ikea helped to furnish the facility.

“Donetta is working on a lot, and it is very impressive,” Kniep shared with NetWork Kansas staff members.

The facility features 10 office spaces, a break room, two training rooms and a board room. Watson shared that the location will house the work of the Black Mastermind Group, its training courses, Business Mastery Institute, E-Community meetings, SCORE workshops and other collaborative opportunities. Coaching, mentoring, scholarships, grants, and access to low-interest matching loans through the KCK E-Community are among resources the facility offers.

Already one entrepreneur has signed up to work from the facility.

“Whatever an entrepreneur needs as a resource, will be here in Kansas City, Kansas,” Watson said.

Laird, who joined Watson in painting the facility, commends Watson for her vision and determination to make the facility a reality.

“It is an honor to walk alongside the KCK Urban E-Community on their journey to re-energize and re-organize the team and re-invigorate and re-imagine the downtown Wyandotte entrepreneurial ecosystem,” Laird said.

For more information about the center, including rental rates and fees, please visit:


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