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8 Businesses Receive Funding from NetWork Kansas During November

Congratulations to the 8 businesses that received funding from NetWork Kansas during November.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: HMC Performance Coatings and Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening is a resource to help Kansas business owners grow. Learn about Amie Bristol's experience with this NetWork Kansas program.

E-Community 2.0 : The Goldilocks Principle

By working alongside our E-Community partners, we had uncovered some important facets of entrepreneurship ecosystem building that “worked” and knew we had some important tools that make a difference in our partner communities, like access to loan funds, local decision making on loans, the coaching and expertise of our staff, and financial and other support for entrepreneurship programs. We also knew that it was time to make some changes for the sustainability of the program – and this applies to NetWork Kansas as well as our partners.

Ice House Participant Spotlight: Purdy Petals

Lacy O'Neal completed the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in Thomas County during the Spring of 2018. Here she talks about the impact that this program has had on her and how it has helped her launch her flower shop, Purdy Petals.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: Angel Competition Bikinis and Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening is a resource to help Kansas business owners grow. Learn about Lauren Beeves' experience with this NetWork Kansas program.


NetWork Kansas’ Entrepreneurship (E-) Community Partnership announces the 2018-2019 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Series.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: Resource Partners and Economic Gardening

"From initial contact through the delivery, the communication is professional, pointed and deliberate" says Stephanie Landis about the Economic Gardening Program through NetWork Kansas. Learn why she feels this way in this referral center resource partner spotlight.

YEC Series Student Spotlight: Nick Flores, Kestrel Aerial LLC

Nick Flores is a senior at Wichita High School East. He competed in the 2017-2018 YEC Series and won first place in his local competition with his business, Kestrel Aerial LLC. In April 2018, he took first place in at the Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge State Championship. Here, he talks about how this program has influenced him as an entrepreneur.

Top 10+1 Ways a Fab Lab or Maker Space Can Benefit Your Community

Jim Correll, Director of Fab Lab ICC, explains the value of Fab Lab and how E-Communities can benefit from plugging in.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: The Animal Hospital and Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening was a useful program for The Animal Hospital. Learn what owner, Lauren Mack, says about this important resource.