City of Great Bend

Most frequently works with businesses on determining reasonable incentives for job retention, expansion, and start-ups in Great Bend. Also will assist with evaluation of utility needs for specific businesses at specific locations.


The City of Great Bend is a local government municipality in Kansas that has a strong focused effort on economic development. Though much of that effort is through internal means through significant contributions to quality of life improvement projects and tourism related industry for Great Bend, the City of Great Bend does work with existing and prospective businesses that wish to expand or start-up in the Great Bend Community. Great Bend utilizes the Neighborhood Revitalization Program (NRP) to give tax rebates for major remodeling and new construction related on both residential, commercial, and industrial structures in the city. Certain areas are in a ten-year rebate area while the remaining properties in the City are in a 5-year rebate area. Since 2001 a significant amount of businesses have taken advantage of the NRP. The City of Great Bend also considers financial incentives for industry and business based on job creation or retention. Those financial incentives depend on number of jobs created or retained, pay levels for those jobs created, the financial stability of the requesting individual or business, the amount of financial investment on the part of the requesting individual or business, and the basic value that the business creates for the community. A pool of money is available from a portion of a ½ cent sales tax to pay for economic development incentives.

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Howard Partington
1209 Williams Street
Great Bend , KS 67530
(620) 793-4108