Flint Hills Resource Conservation & Development Area, Inc

Assist entrepreneurs in rural communities to start or expand their business.


The educational program is a business curriculum based program that is taught in a classroom setting over a number of days. The ongoing training programs and networking opportunities are provided to starting or expanding agritourism/nature based business and will offer workshops specific to agritourism/nature based or related businesses. A program coordinator will provide the follow-up assistance to those that are turly ready to get started building a business. Along with the educational program the Project Coordinator will provide follow-up visits to evaluate the resources (physical, personal, natural, cultural and historic) available to develop an agritourism/nature based business

Services Provided

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Training

Economic & Property Development

  • Watershed Planning

Financial Resources & Assistance

  • Consulting

Internship Programs & Student Services

  • Web Design


  • Website Development
  • Customer Service

Networking Organizations

  • Demographically Based
  • Geographically Based

Nonprofit Development

  • Grants Management

Technical Assistance

  • Training
  • Website Development
  • Technical Support

Advocacy & Public Policy

  • Small Business Issues
Contact Information
Teresa Huffman
230 East Main
Suite A
Marion, KS 66861
(620) 382-8830 Ext: 9
(620) 343-7871