Kansas Department of Revenue

Provide tax seminars to tax practitioners & small business in areas of income, sales, compensating, withholding & estimated tax.


The Kansas Department of Revenue is charged with administering the state’s tax system involving 27 different taxes & fees. As part of its efforts to assist tax payers with complying with the state’s tax laws, the department offers a Small Business Tax Workshop to the general public. The fundamental principle of withholding, estimated, sales & compensating taxes are presented with opportunity for participants to ask questions & present their unique situations for analysis. The department partners with the Small Business Development Centers in presenting these Tax Workshops. The department also provides a number of tax seminars to income tax preparers.

Services Provided

Financial Resources & Assistance

  • Tax Credit Assistance
  • Historic Preservation Tax Credits
  • Individual Development Accounts

Economic & Property Development

  • State Tax Credit and Assistance

Tax Services

  • Training
  • Assistance
  • State Tax Credit Information & Assistance
Contact Information
Carl York
915 Southwest Harrison
Topeka, KS 66612
(785) 296-7928