Serving as a driving force behind advancement of the Kansan technology sector, Ignister offers resources for equitable education and employment, provided through a collaborative network of strategic partnerships.


Supported by the Kansas Department of Commerce and the Office of Rural Prosperity, Ignister is a new NetWork Kansas initiative; serving to advance the Kansan technology sector.

The model is structured upon three key elements: education, certification, and employment, and works in conjunction with a collaborative partnership network to develop and implement inclusive, statewide computer science resources.

The initiative extends tech opportunity to individuals, businesses and communities across the state, while developing an essential pipeline of skilled talent to address current and future hiring needs.

As all sectors of industry become inherently more reliant upon technology, the associated need for tech talent has increased. Even the smallest of startups now require websites, apps, databases and analytics.


With more and more companies adopting remote work policies, there is growing potential for new job creation in rural and underserved communities throughout Kansas.

Aligning with KDC Framework for Growth objectives, the provision of tech education and employment opportunity in rural communities will work towards addressing unemployment, youth retention, and professional development.

Ignister provides all Kansan K-12 schools and community partners with the tools they require for the development of local talent.  These will include educational materials, teaching support, accessible options for participant qualification, employer/employee resources and tech startup support program.

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Nick Poels