Kansas Department of Health & Environment – Chronic Disease Risk Reduction Program

The Chronic Disease Risk Reduction (CDRR) grant program provides funding and technical assistance to communities to implement evidence-based strategies and best practices that impact tobacco use, physical activity, and nutrition.


The mission of the Chronic Disease Risk Reduction (CDRR) community grant program is to address chronic disease risk reduction through evidence-based strategies that impact tobacco use, physical activity, and nutrition. Chronic diseases account for roughly 75 percent of health care costs each year.  Based on national estimates in 2010, nearly $20 billion was spent in Kansas on chronic disease.  As states struggle to meet the staggering costs of health care, the most cost-effective interventions are frequently overlooked. Impressive achievements in population health are possible by reducing the prevalence of risk factors that underlie chronic disease and injury and by helping people actively manage their chronic conditions. While health disparities can be addressed at multiple levels, the CDRR grant program focuses on policy, systems, and environmental strategies designed to address health equity and improve the social determinants of health. Health equity is the attainment of the highest level of health for all people.

All applications must address tobacco, while work in physical activity or nutrition is optional. The CDRR grant program is a competitive, meaning grants will be awarded based upon the quality and clarity of the proposed activities and achievability of proposed outcomes. Eligible applicants are local health departments, which are expected to serve as the project lead on behalf of the community.  A local health department may designate a partner organization to serve as the lead agency. A consortium of counties may apply together under one application. All applicants must provide a minimum of 25 percent match for every dollar awarded under the CDRR grant program.                             

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