Resources to Start & Grow a Business

Need help starting or growing your business?  NetWork Kansas has resources to help at all stages of the business lifecycle, from startup to succession management, and everything in between. Our network of 500+ partners provide business-building services to both established and new businesses in the areas of education, expertise and financial resources. There are several ways you can access free assistance.

Resource Navigator

Search our database of 500+ non-profit and public sector partners. Right now.

Referral Center

Call or e-mail our staff of trained referral coordinators for free, personal assistance. A real, live person will discuss your query and guide you to the right resource or resources to help. The referral center is staffed M-F 8 AM-5 PM. Call (877) 521-8600 or e-mail

Chat Live

Chat live with a referral coordinator during business hours via the comfort of your internet browser! Growing your business has never been this convenient.

Kansas Entrepreneurship Events Calendar

Search for classes and other events on our interactive map and calendar. Find everything from tax workshops to networking opportunities and more. Try it now.

Kansas Economic Gardening Network

Existing Kansas businesses with the intent and capacity to grow may be eligible to apply for special technical assistance. Click here to learn more about economic gardening in Kansas.

Funding for Your Business

Access gap financing opportunities through NetWork Kansas partners. Click here to learn more.