Registering a Business

Registering a business and procuring necessary licenses to operate legally is an important part of being a business owner. We can help you navigate the legal requirements to do business in Kansas. Contact us directly for free, confidential assistance, or use the resources below as a guide. 

Business Structure:

Business Organization Tax Structure Options
As a new business owner, you can choose how you would like to operate your business (ie: Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, Corporation, or Non-profit). The following is a link to a PDF that outlines the details, pros, cons, and tax implications of each of the structures: Business Organization Tax Structure.

Planning to start a Non-profit? Click here.

Business Registration:

Kansas Business Center
The Kansas Business Center is your official Kansas state resource for information, filings, and personal assistance to start or maintain a Kansas business. Many of the forms that businesses are required to file through the Kansas Secretary of State’s Office, Kansas Department of Revenue, and Kansas Department of Labor are available on this website.

What is the Kansas Business Center?
"If you’re thinking about starting a business, the Kansas Business Center is a one-stop-shop for the information and resources you’ll need in order to do business legally in Kansas. This site will help you assess financing, licensing, permitting, and legal options. Then, when you’re up and running, the Kansas Business Center will provide resources to help you monitor the annual requirements that ensure your business has the opportunity to thrive.

NetWork Kansas and the Kansas Business Center
NetWork Kansas is the state’s hub for entrepreneurship resources, and we assist with free customer service for anyone interested in starting or growing a business using the resources available through the Kansas Business Center.

Registering a Business Entity
Business organization structures must be registered through the Secretary of State’s office.

  • Phone: (785) 296-4564
  • Register online: Click here

Federal Tax ID (FEIN)
All LLCs and Corporations are required to attain an FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number) through the IRS. It is optional for a Sole Proprietorship, unless they have employees.

  • Obtain a FEIN online: Click here
  • Phone (IRS): (800) 829-4933

The Kansas Department of Revenue is in charge of the state taxes. If you have any questions about the Kansas tax responsibilities for your business, you can contact the KDOR directly at (785) 368-8222 then select: (options 5, then 2).

If you will need to attain a KS Tax ID, the following is a link to their website where you can apply: You can apply online through the Kansas Business Center (2nd paragraph) or you can file the paper application called the CR-16 (3rd paragraph).

Kansas Employees
The Kansas Department of Labor is in charge of paperwork requirements for new hires of a Kansas-based company.

  • Phone (Kansas Department of Labor): (888) 219-7801
  • Phone (Unemployment Division): (785) 296-4000
  • Phone (Workers' Compensation Division): (800) 332-0353

Business Licensing:

Statewide License Requirements

Common Business Licenses

The Referral Center at NetWork Kansas is a free resource that can be contacted for assistance in researching license requirements. Once we identify who regulates the industry of interest, we provide direct contact information to our clients.
Local Requirements
There is no general business license for the state of Kansas. Each city/county operates a little differently and businesses are required to contact their city or county authority individually and determine what licenses are needed.

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