Lawrence, Kansas is home to a wealth of programs and organizations that support entrepreneurship and small business owners but sometimes these resources are not well known to those who are seeking assistance. Our mission with the City of Lawrence and NetWork Kansas is to better showcase the Lawrence network and more quickly connect those who are seeking business assistance with the organizations that can best help them.

For your organization to be included in this exciting effort, please complete the following form to highlight the resources and services that your organization provides to entrepreneurs and business owners. This will ensure that entrepreneurs and business owners who are looking for the services that you provide are quickly and efficiently referred to you for assistance.

This project will focus on identifying and recruiting primarily nonprofit, educational, or government resource partners.

At times, resource partners may include some for-profit organizations such as incubators, accelerators, coworking spaces and equity providers. Inclusion in the network will be at the discretion of City of Lawrence and NetWork Kansas.

This network does NOT include for-profit resources such as bankers, accountants, lawyers, insurance agents, management consultants. While these resources are an important part of an overall entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially for high-growth companies, this can be difficult to “vet” and not part of this project at this time.

Becoming a partner is easy:

1. Be an organization that offers programs or resources for entrepreneurs and small businesses
2. Complete the Partner Intake Form below
3. Agree to:

  • Allow NetWork Kansas / City of Lawrence to market your organization and services
  • Be responsive to entrepreneurs referred from NetWork Kansas
  • Promote the NetWork Kansas community and website, with reciprocal website links, if possible
  • Help NetWork Kansas identify ways to track small business success so we can measure and publicize the impact of entrepreneurial support in the community

4. NetWork Kansas will work with you to build an accurate profile of your programs for the website.

For questions or more information, please contact Sam Camp ([email protected]) or Jenn Laird ([email protected]) .

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Some organizations support all types of entrepreneurs and business owners, others specialize in serving only specific sub-groups. In each category below, please check the types of clients which you provide direct technical services for. Please mark all that apply, see below for an example.

Support Specialize Description
Your organization provides this option
Your organization specializes in providing this option
Your organization does not provide this option

Underserved Communities

Does your organization SPECIALIZE in serving underserved businesses:

Support Specialize Underserved Communities
African American
Native American

Business Stage

Select the stages of business your organization serves.

Support Specialize Business Stage
Concept Phase
Existing Business
Growth and Expansion
Start Up

Completed Business Plan

Does your organization require that clients have a completed business plan?

Support Specialize Completed Business Plan


Select the industries your organization serves.

Support Specialize Industry
Agriculture Related
Construction Related
High Tech
Manufacturing or Producer

Services You Offer

This section will match prospective clients with the services you offer. The services indicated will determine what assistance clients are contacting your organization for assistance with. Please use the list below and indicate ONLY those services that you directly provide, as opposed to services for which you would know where to refer the client. This will save entrepreneurs time and your organizations frustration. Please indicate a specialty area if one applies.

Advocacy & Public Policy

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Issues Related to a Specific City
Community Involvement
Contractors Issues
Federal Business Issues
International Procurement
Issues of the Hispanic Business Community
Issues of the African American Business Community
Issues Related to the Geographic Location of a Business
Kansas Business Issues
Legislative Issues
Race Relations Issues
Small Business Issues
Women's Business Issues

Business Planning

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Plan Consulting & Development
Business Plan Training
Census Data
Feasibility Studies
International Market Research
Market Plan Development
Market Research
Research Training

Economic & Property Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Economic Forecast
Environmental Compliance Assistance
Environmental Management Systems
Legislative Agendas
Site Location Assistance
State Tax Credit and Assistance
Watershed Planning

Financial Resources & Assistance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Agriculture Grant
Assistance in Finding Debt Funding
Assistance in Finding Equity Funding
Assistance in Finding Government Funding
Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
Energy Loan Fund
Equity Providers
Financial Assistance for International Trade Shows
Historic Preservation Tax Credits
Individual Development Accounts
Insurance Information
Loan Packaging
Loan Providers
Tax Credit Assistance
Technology Grants


Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Buying or Selling a Franchise
Franchise Selection
Legal Ramifications

Freight & Distribution

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Freight & Distribution
Locating Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers

Import & Export Assistance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
CE Certification (for Exports to Europe)
Dealing with U.S. Customs (Valuation, Duty Rates, Clearing Goods, Customs Brokers)
Documentary Requirements & Certificates of Origin
Export Financing
Export Licensing
Foreign (Free) Trade Zone
Foreign Market Research
Free Trade Agreements
Government Regulations
International Law
International Payments
Locating Distributors
Locating Suppliers
Product Classification
Trade Education
Translation Services
Transportation & Logistics

Internship Programs & Student Services

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Kauffman Entrepreneurial Internship Program
Web Design

Legal Services

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Contract Review
Entity Formation
Government Compliance Assistance
Lease Review
Patent Information, Trademark & Copyright Information

Libraries & Research Organizations

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Business Research Resources

Management Issues & Training

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
General Employment Law Advice
Human Resources
Insurance Information
Leadership/Professional Development
Recruiting Assistance
Workforce Training

Manufacturing, High Tech, Life Sciences Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Cost Accounting
High Tech Development
Life Sciences Development
Manufacturing Development
Plant Layout
Production Scheduling
Time Studies


Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Brochure Design
Census Data
Competitive Analysis
Customer Service
Feasibility Studies
Identification of Foreign Markets
Internet Marketing
Market Plan Development Strategy
Research (Domestic Markets)
Research (International Markets)
Student Provided Research
Website Development

Networking Organizations

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Demographically Based
Geographically Based
Home Based
Industry Specific
Small Business/General

Nonprofit Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Board Development
Entity Selection
Funds Development
Grants Management
Human Resources
Legal Ramifications
Organizational Audits
Strategic Planning
Technical Services

Office, Laboratory & Meeting Space

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Conference/Meeting Space
Event Facilities
Incubator Space
Office Equipment & Furniture
Office Space
Retail Space

Product Development

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Patent Information
Product Design & Development
Prototype Development

Regulatory Compliance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Environmental Compliance Assistance
Government Requirements
Insurance Requirments
International Regulatory Compliance
Patent Information
Trademark & Copyright Information

Selling to the Government & Large Corporations

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Bid Matching
Bid Preparation
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise
Government & Military Specifications
HUB Zone Certification
Obtaining Corporate Contracts
Obtaining Government Contracts
Price History
Registration Assistance
Selling to Foreign Governments & Businesses
Subcontracting Opportunities
Women, Minority & Disadvantaged Certification

Tax Services

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
State Tax Credit Information & Assistance

Technical Assistance

Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Computerized Bookkeeping (Installation & Training)
Industrial Technology Research
Pollution Prevention
Technical Support
Technology Transfer
Website Development


Provide Service Specialize in Service Service
Annual Budget
Business Management
Business Plan
Cash Flow Projections
E-Commerce: Doing Business on the Web
Financial Statements
Hazardous Waste Generation Avoidance
Health & Safety Training
Home-Based Business
International Trade
Marketing Plan
Pre-Business Planning
Topics Related to Developing & Maintaining a Small Business