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Director's Dialogue: Dodge City's Economic Growth Teaches Lessons

By: Erik Pedersen | November 19, 2014 --- Dodge City has grown from the 260th strongest micro-economy in '04 to the 21st strongest micro-economy in '14. A recent presentation by Joann Knight of Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation and William Fruth of the POLICOM Corporation delved into keys to Dodge City's success.

Optimizing a Leadership Team

ERG 2012-1

By Jamie Hofling | October 20, 2014 --- As I become more familiar with E-Community leadership teams, I’m recognizing the importance of certain elements of the team that help them be proactive in their approach to building an entrepreneurial culture. It can’t be overlooked that the leadership team and others involved in building the culture are primarily made up of volunteers therefore it is crucial that the right people be on the team and that there be a common thread, a shared purpose among members.

Cultivating Entrepreneurial Culture: Part 3 of 3

By Steve Radley | July 2, 2014 --- In the first two parts of my discussion about cultivating entrepreneurial culture (Part 1, Part 2), I focused on elements of an entrepreneurial culture and then highlighted real-life examples of steps communities are taking to increase connectivity to expertise, education, and economic resources.

Director’s Dialogue: Three Visits, One Lesson

By Corey Mohn | June 27, 2014 --- Spring has been a busy season for me and the work we are doing in Statewide Programs for NetWork Kansas. Three particularly big events occurred in the span of six weeks. Although these events were spread across the country, ranging from Washington D.C. to Kansas to Nashville, TN, they were united by a common theme.

Director's Dialogue: Reflecting on Seven Years of Growth

By Erik Pedersen | June 25, 2014 --- June 18th was the NetWork Kansas quarterly board meeting, held in Topeka. Each year, the June board meeting is where we discuss the upcoming year's vision, goals and projects, and set our budget.

Director's Dialogue: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Erik Pedersen | May 21, 2014 --- We are nearing a time of year that is very special to me. No, it's not summer vacation with the family or the father/son fishing trip that I'll finally be able to go on this year, although both of those are nice.

2nd Annual Sherman County E-Fair a Success

By Erik Pedersen | Apr 18, 2014 --- Goodland High School hosted the 2nd Annual Sherman County Entrepreneurship Fair on April 14th, in cooperation with Sherman County Economic Development Director, Michael Solomon.

The Cheylin E-Fair: Simply Successful

By Anne Dewvall | Apr 14, 2014 --- The Cheylin Entrepreneurship Fair has become a tradition in northwest Kansas. It’s a grassroots effort that local community foundation director, Cathy Domsch, has kept going strong for nine years. She and Darci Shields organize the annual event with cooperation from local teachers. This year, fifteen students in 7-12 grade participated in the competition on March 27, entering a total of fourteen businesses. Considering that there are approximately 70 students enrolled in grades 7-12, this event boasts roughly a 20% participation rate.

Director's Dialogue: Inaugural Wichita County E-Fair Encourages Innovation

By Erik Pedersen | Mar 27, 2014 --- Five student businesses participated in the inaugural Wichita County Youth Entrepreneurship Fair March 13. The students now can advance to the regional Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge being hosted by NetWork Kansas on May 7 in Bird City.

Director's Dialogue

by: Erik Pedersen | Sept 18, 2013 --- The past couple of weeks have been very active, as we work to schedule and implement some very exciting events and programs. The 2nd E-Community Conference is being planned as we speak (although I have decided to move it from October 23rd in order to not conflict with the Great Plains Capital Conference).