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Destination BootCamp® Business Spotlight: Sonya and James Cantrell, Cantrell's Jewelry

By: NetWork Kansas

James and Sonya Cantrell attended Destination BootCamp® (DBC) in the spring of 2017. Below Sonya describes how this program has had an impact on the growth of their business beyond their immediate market.  


Q: Describe your business and how it's grown since participating in Destination BootCamp®.

"We actually have two stores, each in towns of around 9,000 people. James, my husband, has been a jeweler here for about 40 years and 10 years ago we opened our first store in Coffeyville and then two years later opened our second store in Independence. Previously he had worked for a family owned store in Coffeyville.

With some of the ideas that Jon shared with us we are reaching beyond our immediate market.  We use our unique positioning statement in about everything we do. It's displayed on the wall in both stores, and we try to tell each and every customer about James being the 'only Certified Master Jeweler in the state of Kansas specializing in custom design and restoration.'

We have also sent press releases to papers and some of the jewelry trade magazines. We have had numerous articles in our local paper and were actually featured on the front page of Mid America Jewelry news.

Whenever we have events in the store, we are sure to share about James being a certified master jeweler. The last event we had I was mentioning it and I said, "James is the only certified master jeweler," and the crowd finished by saying, 'in the state of Kansas.'"

Cantrells Jewelry

Q: What were your key takeaways from participating?

"To market outside of our immediate area. To promote what makes us unique and have this displayed in our stores. Small adjustments can make a big difference. Be sure to have a good website, which includes our story. Keep promoting ourselves by sending out press releases."

Q: What are your plans to grow your business in the future?

"We will keep moving our marketing further outside our area. We will keep promoting our uniqueness. We plan to better market our bridal jewelry and have created a bridal advantage program to compete with chain stores. We plan to provide educational opportunities for our employees."

You can view the Cantrell's Jewelry website here