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YEC Series Student Spotlight: Jaden Roggow, J Engravings

By: NetWork Kansas

Jaden Roggow competed in the YEC Series during the 2016-2017 academic year. He placed first in his local Chautauqua County event and advanced to the YEC State Championship in April 2017, competing with his business J Engravings. Below he talks about the impact this program has had on him as an entrepreneur.

J Engravings

Q: Describe your business and how it's grown since participating in the YEC Series.

A: "My business is J Engravings. I offer custom engraved products including, but not limited to, stainless steel tumblers. I am able to put a personalized engraving on a tumbler that shows who the person is."

Q: What were your key takeaways from participating?

A: "Participating in YEC last year helped me expand my business. It helped me think about the aspects of the business I wouldn't have thought about on my own, and getting other peoples input. YEC was also a way of advertising my business. Winning in the local competition put my name out as a new business and what I did. YEC has also helped my business. The advertising of the event and the posting of the winners online and in the newspaper helped get the word out about my business. Even interest was spiked from my local judging about purchasing products. My business has grown a lot since participating in the event, I can't place a number on the amount of new customers."

J Engravings Tumbler

Q: What are your plans to grow your business in the future?

A: "Since I participated in the YEC last year I have developed a website and inventory for my business. The Fab Lab has helped me in many ways. Using their facility is where I make all my products. Help and advice from their staff is always great. The staff isn't afraid of new problems and trying to figure them out with me. I plan on further expanding J Engravings by doing more local advertising and online business."

You can view the J Engravings website at