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Salina high schoolers showcase their entrepreneurial spirits

By: Eric Wiley, The Salina Journal
Content reprinted with permission

YEC Salina 2017

Sawyer Eland, 17, a Central High School student, prepares his tradeshow booth Thursday morning for Sub-Zero Coolers. (Photo credit: Tim Dorsey/Salina Journal)

Salina Central High School junior Riley Counts has been thinking of ways to make his mom’s life less stressful.

“We take our four dogs everywhere we go and sometimes it’s difficult finding dog-friendly places to go or activities to do when we travel,” he said. “We’ve had one of our dogs for about 13 years, so they’re always around.”

To make things easier, Riley has created Travel & Trails, a mobile app that allows for individuals anywhere in the world to find pet-friendly things to do and places to eat, adopt a dog, shop for their dogs and share photos with the dog community.

Riley’s application was just one of nearly 20 projects, inventions or businesses, created by Salina Central and Salina South High School students, showcased Thursday during the 2017 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Series.

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