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Entrepreneurial Mindset at Fab Lab ICC

  • Dates: 06 – 06 May, 2021
  • <strong>Contact:</strong> Jim Correll
  • <strong>Phone:</strong> (620) 332-5499

This class explores the eight life's lessons that make entrepreneurs successful and how these lessons can make us better problem solvers in our professional, student and personal lives. 


Class sessions will include:

  • Visits from successful entrepreneurs in our area

  • Exploration of our own problem solving ideas

  • Discussions about the eight life's lessons of entrepreneurship and how they will benefit you no matter what's in your future.

Masks and COVID protocols required for this class. Zoom option available (contact Jim Correll, jcorrell@indycc.edu or 620-252-5349 for details)

In addition to class-time, each week there will be an average of 60 minutes of video content to watch on your own before class. There are no heavy reading or extensive writing assignments.

Registration will be accepted through Jan 28th. Perfect attendance is not required. Those that can attend at least 10 of the 13 class sessions will be able to keep up.



The cost of the class is $165 with a $100 rebate available upon successful completion* of the class and Rebate Request form. 

By registering below, you agree to pay $165 before accessing the course materials and video content (or make special arrangements). Cash, check or credit card accepted. Checks are payable to Fab Lab ICC.


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