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IASourceLi​nk: Finding Royalty Free Photos

By: Valyn Reinig | December 2, 2014 --- If you’re not a photographer, or don’t have that extra cash laying around to purchase high quality stock images, you might have some difficulty finding the perfect image to use for your website, social media post, or that flyer you’re getting ready to send out to your clients. But here’s the good news; there are tons of ways to find great royalty free photos online, and I’ve compiled a list for you here:

SSBCI Western Regional Conference: State-Driven. State-Led. Turning Conferences on Their Head.

By: Imagene Harris | November 21, 2014 --- A revolutionary participant-driven conference shook things up in the world of the U.S. Treasury. Imagene Harris shares how the Western Regional SSBCI Conference focused on collaboration when it comes to growing programs like NetWork Kansas' Kansas Capital Multiplier Funds.

Sharing Perspectives at the Unconference

By Jamie Hofling | November 20, 2014 --- Shared viewpoints on a variety of topics at the Project 17 Unconference leads to realizations about the democratic process at play in NetWork Kansas Entrepreneurship Communities.

Director's Dialogue: Dodge City's Economic Growth Teaches Lessons

By: Erik Pedersen | November 19, 2014 --- Dodge City has grown from the 260th strongest micro-economy in '04 to the 21st strongest micro-economy in '14. A recent presentation by Joann Knight of Dodge City/Ford County Development Corporation and William Fruth of the POLICOM Corporation delved into keys to Dodge City's success.

Destination Bootcamp: Review

By Anne Dewvall | November 18, 2014 Destination BootCamp draws entrepreneurs from across the country to Longmont, Colorado for an intensive 2 1/2 day educational experience. Anne Dewvall attended the October 2014 BootCamp and found it rewarding for entrepreneurs and community leaders alike. Read the full review.

10 Ways to Celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 4.34.40 PM

By NetWork Kansas | November 17, 2014 --- November is National Entrepreneurship Month, and there are gobs of events (a bonafide bevy) that honor entrepreneurs and innovators, right here in Kansas. Global Entrepreneurship Week hosts quite a few, and that runs November 17-23. But the celebration of entrepreneurship can’t be contained in just a week.

Links to Like – November 2014

By NetWork Kansas | November 14, 2014 --- There are so many things going on in the world of entrepreneurship that it’s impossible for us to share it all with you on our blog or in our news articles. Here are a few things we’re enjoying on the web this month.

Global Entrepreneurship Week: What It Is and Why You Should Care


By NetWork Kansas | November 7, 2014 --- In two weeks, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) will once again unite millions of innovators, job creators, business owners, world leaders, celebrity entrepreneurs and companies under the celebration of entrepreneurship. With more than 40,000 events spread out over a seven day period in more than 120 countries, GEW offers individuals—entrepreneurs, small business owners and even ambitious high school students—a chance to unleash their ideas and discover their potential, risk-free.

When Best Practices Aren't Good Enough


By Jeremy Hegle | November 7, 2014 --- At the beginning of October, I attended a three-day program at Babson College led by the illustrious Dr. Dan Isenberg (@danisen), professor of entrepreneurship practice and founding executive director of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project.

AKSourceLink Hosts Summer Webinar Series for Rural Entrepreneurs


By Melissa Houston | November 6, 2014 --- Summer is a busy season for Alaskans. Most residents spend their long daylight hours soaking up the sun while enjoying outdoor recreation and subsistence preparation for the long winter ahead. U.S.SourceLink’s Alaska affiliate,AKSourceLink, kept itself busy this summer by hosting a 7-part webinar series spanning July – September.