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Promoting E-Community Businesses: One Size Does Not Fit All

By: Jamie Hofling | February 13, 2015 --- We often receive questions from E-Communities about what to do to promote a business that has been awarded E-Community funding. But when it comes to promotion, one size does not fit all. Casey Woods with the Lyon County E-Community shares some of the strategies his community uses to promote different types of businesses.

Loudoun SourceLink: Get Advice When You Need It

By: Lois Kirkpatrick | February 6, 2015 --- Experts can give you strategies to help you grow your business faster and avoid pitfalls common to startups. But sometimes you just can't make it to a special event where the info you need will be presented live. That's when you can turn to online training that's available when you are. Here are a few options:

IASourceLink: Get More From Gmail

February 4, 2015 --- Gmail actually has a gold mine of add-ons, called Gmail Labs. However, the add-ons are experimental and may break or disappear without notice. Like any entrepreneur knows, you’ve got to start somewhere and beta versions can sometimes be so close to the finished product that it’s hard to tell the difference. So while it sounds a little scary, Gmail Labs is definitely still worth checking out.

Director's Dialogue: Ice House

By: Erik Pedersen | January 28, 2015 --- A couple of years ago, Jill Nichols (Rice County Economic Development Director) called and asked me to travel to Sterling for a meeting. She and Brian Richter (teacher at Sterling High School and facilitator of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program) were hosting the first Rice County Ice House class and she knew I'd want NetWork Kansas to be a part of this.

Links to Like – January 2015

By: NetWork Kansas | January 23, 2015 --- There are so many things going on in the world of entrepreneurship that it’s impossible for us to share it all with you on our blog or in our news articles. Here are a few things we’re enjoying on the web this month.

MOSourceLink: The League of Independent Workspaces

By: Kate Hodel | January 23, 2015 --- It sounds like a club for superheroes…and maybe it is. Five St. Louis-area coworking spaces have formed a cooperative called the St. Louis League of Independent Workspaces to better serve startup and growth-oriented entrepreneurs, the drivers of the economy.

Staying Positive by Setting Precedent

By: Imagene Harris | January 21, 2015 --- All it takes is one step, or in the writer's case, one winter run to prove you can do it. How setting a precedent can help you stay positive and increase the attainability of your goals.

8 Must-Read Entrepreneurial Books


By: Anne Dewvall | January 15, 2015 Whether you are planning a big year of business growth or trying to challenge your mind, we’re here to stoke your entrepreneurial fire with eight killer book suggestions from our staff recommended to improve your business game or just keep you on your toes.

USSourceLink: Colleges and Communities Find New Ways to Collaborate for Economic Growth

By: Jeremy Hegle | January 14, 2015 --- How do leading-edge universities and their communities support entrepreneurs, students and inventors to create products and start businesses? Arizona State University (ASU) may have an answer.

KCSourceLink: Keep Up Your Guard Against Credit Card Fraud

By: KCSourcelink | December 22, 2014 --- You may not notice it, but credit card fraud could be taking a toll on your small business. Infrequent as incidents may be, they can quickly add up—as much as $155,000 a year for businesses with fewer than 100 employees, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE). Not only do you lose the cost of the goods or services involved, your bank may also impose fees if the transaction is disputed by the card’s true owner.