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Robert Litan: NetWork Kansas is boosting entrepreneurs

Robert Litan, a Wichita attorney-economist, shares his thoughts on NetWork Kansas' approach to assisting entrepreneurs.

A Lacking Safety Net

By: Christina Long & Ted Kriwiel | February 16th, 2016 --- Typically, entrepreneurs tend to be white, male and from upper-income families. Why is this?

Growing Our Own

By: Jonathan Long | December 14, 2015 --- In Wichita, where I live, leaders are grappling with how to reignite the area’s economy. Regionalism, entrepreneurship and the recruitment of young talent dominate – if not drive – local discussions. While a focus on these ideas is smart, another even more perceptive solution continues to be overlooked: diversity and inclusion.

Harnessing the Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

By: Ted Kriwiel | November 16, 2015 --- Earlier this month, Christina shared a beautiful post on the role entrepreneurship played in her childhood. This week, I’ll share a bit of my experience.

Changing Mindsets to Affirm Entrepreneurship

By: Christina Long | November 2, 2015 --- Entrepreneurship is risky business and, for many households living from paycheck-to-paycheck, you don’t gamble with your future. Instability, like failure, just isn’t an option.

The Power of Opportunity

By: Christina Long and Ted Kriwiel | October 21, 2015 --- Opportunities are powerful. They can shift trajectories, outlooks, outcomes and perspectives. Opportunities, when met with preparation lead to success, according to the late Zig Ziegler.

Get out of the Tunnel and Remember the Context

By: Imagene Harris | August 17, 2015 --- About a month ago I was asked to participate on a panel for the From the Land of Kansas meeting in Manhattan, Kansas. It was a pretty standard workshop, where as a representative from NetWork Kansas I was able to inform business owners about our potential funding opportunities.

Lots of Winners in Launch a Business Program

By: Anne Dewvall | July 8, 2015 Launching a business is never easy, and when the goal is creating a startup that can be a real difference-maker in the economy by innovating, creating jobs, and exporting products and services, access to resources is crucial. This principle is the foundation of Kansas State University’s “Launch a Business” (LAB) program, which just concluded a 5-week round.

Fifteen Minutes That Are Worth Your Time

By: Steve Radley | May 21, 2015 We have created an annual report that will allow each of you to track long term progress and annual activity for NetWork Kansas.

Links to Like – April 2015

By: NetWork Kansas | April 1, 2015 --- There are so many things going on in the world of entrepreneurship that it’s impossible for us to share it all with you on our blog or in our news articles. Here are a few things we’re enjoying on the web this month.