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Referral Center Success Spotlight: The Animal Hospital and Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening was a useful program for The Animal Hospital. Learn what owner, Lauren Mack, says about this important resource.

Connections, Persistence, Funding...A Recipe for Food Access in Rural Kansas

In these days where you’re more likely to hear of a grocery store or hospital closing than a grand opening, we want to take a moment to commend this community of St. John for its diligence and perseverance in believing in its future.

Ice House Participant Spotlight: Oasis Bread Shoppe

Angie Gaede completed the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in Thomas County during the Spring of 2018. Here she talks about the impact that this program has had on her and how it has helped her launch her bakery, Oasis Bread Shoppe.

10 Businesses Receive Funding from NetWork Kansas During October

Congratulations to the 10 businesses that received funding from NetWork Kansas during October.

YEC Series Student Spotlight: Jade Artzer, Made by Jade

Jade Artzer has competed in the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Series since the 2013-2014 academic year. In 2017, she placed first in her local Goodland event and went on to place second in the YEC State Championship. In April 2018 she took first place in her local event and received an honorable mention at the KEC State Championship.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: Notes to Self and Economic Gardening

Learn what Notes to Self's owner, Laura Schmidt, says about the Economic Gardening program in this NetWork Kansas Referral Center Spotlight.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: Retreat to Joy

The NetWork Kansas Referral Center helped business owner Connie Porazka to conclude that "succeeding as a Kansas Entrepreneur is like 'connecting the dots'." Learn what dots the center connected for Connie in this Referral Center spotlight.

NetWork Kansas announces new national e2 rural entrepreneurship initiative

Effective January 1, 2019, a new national initiative launches known as e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems. The Center’s Co-Founder, Don Macke, joins the NetWork Kansas team as Vice President. This innovative effort will provide a platform to offer learning institutes, a consulting network, analytics support and mentoring to benefit the entrepreneurs, small businesses, resource partners and communities in Kansas as well as nationally.

Referral Center Success Spotlight: Buddy Brands and Economic Gardening

Learn what Buddy Brand's president, Trevor Crotts, says about the Economic Gardening program in this NetWork Kansas Referral Center Spotlight.

Ice House Participant Spotlight: Redeeming Grounds

Jessica Young completed the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in Greeley County during the Spring of 2017. In this feature she talks about the program's impact.