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Social distancing; not social media distancing. Ideas to boost your online presence.

​As Kansas transitions to phasing in re-openings following COVID-19-related stay-at-home orders and gathering restrictions, Shelley Paasch provides a reminder to business owners that we're social distancing; not social media distancing. Here are a few tips, she provides, to encourage entrepreneurs to keep being creative and ramp up your online presence.

Kansas Youth Virtual Entrepreneurship Challenge

Camp Destination Innovation has partnered with Network Kansas for the first-ever Kansas Youth Virtual Entrepreneurship Challenge, an event designed to engage currently quarantined youth and spark innovation and creativity for a chance to win cash prizes.

e2's COVID-19 Field News

This e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems feature explores helpful and inspiring stories coming from communities of all sizes in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and other stories of hope.

Ice House Success Story: Honey Does, LLC

Melissa Weed completed the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in Cherokee County during the Fall of 2018. Here she talks about the impact that this program has had on her as an entrepreneur.

NetWork Kansas discusses rapid loan deployments in response to COVID-19

Dell Gines of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City inteviews NetWork Kansas' leadership to highlight how NetWork Kansas leveraged its statewide entrepreneurship ecosystem and partners to provide emergency capital to 340 entrepreneurs across the state in a span of three days.

3 Businesses Receive Funding from NetWork Kansas During March

Congratulations to the three businesses that received funding from NetWork Kansas during March.


NetWork Kansas’ Entrepreneurship (E-) Community Partnership announces the conclusion of the 2019-2020 Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge (YEC) Series. During the 2019-2020 academic year, 793 students from 50 Kansas communities participated in 44 local entrepreneurship competitions.

In-Depth by e2: e2's Rural Community Prosperity Development Framework

This e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems feature explores the role of community in economic development and outlines the prosperity development framework for rural communities.

UPDATED: Resources to help small businesses dealing with the impact of COVID-19

Network Kansas' compilation of resources to help small businesses now features several examples of local efforts to mobilize Kansas communities. Though not exhaustive, this listing does provide insight on the overwhelming response to provide aid and relief as a result of the impact of COVID-19.

In-Depth by e2: Community Quality of Life Placemaking

This e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems feature explores the powerful connection between community environment, and therefore quality of life placemaking, and a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.