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Now Hiring: Product Manager, Equity Investment Services


NetWork Kansas

A Service of the Kansas Center for Entrepreneurship


NetWork Kansas



TITLE:                   NetWork Kansas, Product Manager, Equity Investment Services

Current employee:  TBD

REPORTS TO:      Senior Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth Ventures

STATUS:               Full Time

PAY RANGE:       Annual Salary TBD, with NetWork Kansas benefits package

DATE:                   April 2022

I.                 POSITION:

The Product Manager, Equity Investment Services reports directly to the Senior Vice President, Entrepreneurial Growth Ventures



Assets Under Management: The statewide equity programs including the Kansas Capital Multiplier Venture Program, and the GROWKS Equity Programs. 


Personnel Under Management: N/A -– Subject to change based on future programming needs

Key Responsibilities:
Working under the direction of the Senior Vice President in the organizational unit Entrepreneurial Growth Ventures, this role is expected to be collaborative, active, and a hands-on thought and action leader for the Entrepreneurial Growth Ventures team, to advance the NetWork Kansas vision of being recognized as a national leader, with general objectives as follows:


a)      Manage and provide oversight of the NetWork Kansas equity programs, including the Kansas Capital Multiplier Venture Fund and the GROWKS Equity Programs and any additional investment programs that are developed to serve small businesses of Kansas. Management of the equity investment programs will be completed in a manner that meets expected quality and demonstrates a comprehension of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

b)     Collaborates with the Senior Vice President of EGV to determine and strive for additional revenue streams related to venture services, technical assistance, and equity funds deployment.

c)      Collaborates with the Senior Vice President of EGV to actively coordinate and engage in strategic partnerships and grant opportunities.


Job Description – Product Manager, Equity Investment Services


●       Daily oversight of the equity investment program portfolio including Kansas Capital Multiplier Venture Fund and the GROWKS Equity Programs to enable and mobilize seed and early-stage capital across the State of Kansas.

●       Utilize business development/marketing skill set to network and collaborate with entrepreneurs, investors, and other entrepreneurial support organizations across the state to increase visibility and deal flow.

●       Source and evaluate companies for NetWork Kansas programs and specifically the existing equity program and the new GROWKS equity programs.

●       Lead the application process, ensure appropriate eligibility requirements are met, due diligence completion, recording and review are done timely, and managing the review committee process.

●       Lead appropriate communication with Partners and entrepreneurs on the status of any funding applications, including but not limited to applications being accurate and complete, communicating approval and denials to the appropriate parties  and checking in regularly on approved deals and their expected closing date.

●       Create and provide all parties with appropriate closing documentation for approved investments including proof of match prior to final review by the Senior Vice President of EGV and disbursal of funds.

●       Coordinate and collaborate with the Director of Community Impact Services on the process for gathering year-end data for equity program clients.

●       Coordinate and manage quarterly monitoring of the equity portfolio and providing any necessary follow-up or actions needed to ensure the success of the investment.

●       Manage document organization and storage for all deals, including due diligence materials, financials, cap tables and transaction documents.

●       Assist and coordinate the preparation of an annual portfolio performance report including fund level performance as well as company metrics.

●       Research and continually evaluate emerging trends, best practices, and education for startups to fund and grow business operations.

●       Develop internal and external systems to share knowledge related to early-stage capital and fundraising.

●       Lead responses to incoming inquiries regarding equity funding programs and application requirements.

●       Work in conjunction with the Senior Vice President of EGV on strategic initiatives and revenue generating opportunities that arise.

●       Perform activities as appropriate related to NetWork Kansas overall communication plan including public speaking, attending conferences and board meetings as needed, and meetings with strategic partners.

●       Take initiative and contribute as part of a fast-growing, integrated, mission focused team.



The candidate will be a college graduate and have either educational or work experience related to entrepreneurship, angel, and venture funding.

●       Understanding of the entrepreneurial funding process, investment structures and types of investment transactions.

●       Outstanding organizational and analytical skills, detail oriented, proactive, and self-motivated.

●       Excellent communication skills, written and verbal, on the phone and in person.  Remembers details and keeps excellent records.

●       Strong computer and software skills, including Windows, Word, and Excel; ability to learn new applications and complex features as needed.

●       Experience with cash flow modeling and investment valuation techniques.

●       Willingness to travel as needed.

●       Work with a high degree of integrity and hold high ethical standards.

●       Treat others with respect and dignity.

●       Preferred: Knowledge of statewide resource partners, particularly funding partners such as regional angel groups, regional foundations, private investors, and other entrepreneurial support organizations.

Email resumes to by April 1, 2022.