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Registration Now Open: The Aligned Leader, a Six-Week Virtual Leadership Series

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Megan Barfield, President & CEO

Great Bend

The Great Bend Chamber of Commerce is excited to bring a unique and powerful program to Central Kansas and beyond in a time when many business owners and leaders are uncertain of just where and how to move their teams successfully forward. We believe now is the time to grow your leaders from within and arm yourself and your team with the tools and resources needed to take your business to the next level.

The business environment has changed dramatically in the past several months. As more and more companies have remote workers, the need for Aligned Leaders has never been greater. It’s easier to stay “on the same page” when you’re working within close proximity to your team. However, when Microsoft Teams, Zoom Meetings, and GoToWebinars are a main source of connection, there is “team energy” that is tangibly lessened.

The Aligned Leader is unique, both in the way that the material is delivered (by the best and brightest in the industry) AND by the fact that what you learn through the course is an example of how you’ll lead virtually (and in-person) with your own team.

Our goal is for you to feel more confident and comfortable when:

·        Conducting the ritual weekly meeting to keep people on track

·        Handling one-on-one conversations with your team members

·        Providing feedback, whether positive or negative

·        Holding yourself and others accountable to stated outcomes

·        “Leading up the chain” and clarifying expectations from your higher ups

·        Conducting difficult conversations with clients, co-workers, or supervisors

Being an Aligned Leader means fully engaging with your team at all levels and making sure that they have: clarity around what needs to be done, alignment on who is doing what by when, and purpose in their work.

Aligned leaders don’t have followers. They have passionate, informed, and focused team members who function well together.

The Aligned Leader Program is a six-week virtual leadership intensive that sharpens your skills and abilities with practical and immediate implementation.

The 'Aligned Leader' Workshop Series will

·        ensure that your meetings are purposeful, productive and on-point

·        create clarity between and amongst your team

·        arm you with tools and resources to be an aligned leader

·        help you shine with senior execs and direct reports alike


The Great Bend Chamber session is starting on October 14th and it WILL FILL UP QUICKLY. Limiting the size of the classes will allow us to create a more engaging experience for the participants and allow our facilitators to actively coach during the sessions. Classes will take place every other Wednesday from 9:00-11:30am CST starting October 14th.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars in travel and hotel expenses, leaving family for days on end, and then forgetting half of what you learned before returning, how about this:

Participate in this six week virtual leadership development program. Learn the dead-simple tactics, practiced in real-time, and then apply them immediately after your sessions. The best way to learn is not over two or three jam-packed days, but in bite-sized blocks where you can both learn and practice before implementing.



The Aligned Leader Program normally carries an investment of $997, though we’re offering an early bird price that is 20% off the stated ticket price. For just $797 per person, you can go through Renzo’s Aligned Leader Program and within six weeks have the tool chest to lead your team effectively (whether at home or at work).

Learn more and register at Questions can be directed to the Great Bend Chamber of Commerce.

Megan Barfield, President & CEO


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