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A Unique Experience at Maker Space Boot Camp

By Sarah LaRosh

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The discovery of something new, different, cutting edge, or perhaps even extraordinary is rare and pushes the limits of our imagination and comprehension. Although NetWork Kansas does not add new board certified programs very often, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t a wealth of great programs out there. It is our intent with board certified programs that they be replicable across the state, entrepreneurial, impactful, and sustainable.

I had the privilege of attending the Fab Lab ICC Maker Space Boot Camp in Independence during their Fall session. To say I left with a deep understanding of the vast possibilities of maker spaces would be a lie. To say that I now have an appreciation, more understanding, and extreme passion for maker spaces would be the absolute truth!

Erik Pedersen once started a blog with a quote and comparison to a movie. With three young children in my house, we don’t watch as much “Wedding Crashers” as we do Disney movies. Nonetheless, I feel that connecting experiences and emotions with thoughts and education can be very powerful, so I will link my experience with Maker Space Boot Camp with the famous (in my household) movie, “Ratatoullie”. In Ratatoullie, Anton Ego’s critique of Chef Gusteau’s restaurant discussed the vulnerability of discovering something new or different. He describes it as the only risk and vulnerability of critiques: when they find and stand behind something new.

I feel the staff at Fab Lab ICC are cutting edge and “new.” I am proud of NetWork Kansas for standing behind them and embracing this program. At Fab Lab ICC, you get to design, create, and build. This has proven to be replicable regardless of geography and it’s entrepreneurial, impactful, and sustainable. I don’t consider myself a crafty individual, however, I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I designed, created, and built at Fab Lab. I can only imagine the thrill and accomplishments that true artists, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers get when they walk in the Fab Lab and start making magic happen!


Even better, maker spaces allow entrepreneurs access to equipment they may not have been able to purchase up front and give them the ability to test the market before getting a big loan. A maker space in a rural community could allow entrepreneurs of all ages freedom to experiment with new technology and extend the reach of their financing. More active entrepreneurs in communities mean a more vibrant and sustainable economy.

My dream, desire, and passion is that more of Kansas can experience this life changing boot camp. I would like to encourage dreamers, doers, and creators across Kansas to make the trip to Independence and participate in this truly spectacular experience. For more information or to pre-register for the upcoming class go to: or contact Jim Correll, Director of Fab Lab ICC, at (620) 252-5349.