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YEC Series Student Spotlight: Ethan Lang, Making Cents of Finance

By NetWork Kansas

Making Cents of Finance (2)

Ethan Lang competed in the 2018-2019 YEC Series in Ellis County and placed first in his local event. In April 2019, he won first place in the Existing Business Division of the KEC State Championship. Since competing in the YEC Series, Ethan has graduated high school and began studying at Fort Hays State University. He is continuing his business while in school. Below he talks about how this program has influenced him as an entrepreneur.

Q: Describe your business and how it's grown since participating in the YEC Series.

A: "My business, Making Cents of Finance, is currently a financial education site geared to help people on all stages of their financial journey. From budgeting and saving, to investing and reaching financial freedom, Making Cents of Finance offers education on a variety of platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the website itself."

Q: What were your key takeaways from participating?

A: "My key takeaways were actually how I saw my business. At the beginning, I didn’t really see my business as more than a mere education site, but preparing for these challenges helped me realize what my business would truly become. My second takeaway from the competition actually came from the judge’s questions. They helped me realize that you need to surround yourself around knowledgeable people to keep your business growing. My final takeaway was that we are all just normal people. Everyone who attended that competition just had a passion for what they were doing, and it made me realize that with enough work ethic and knowledge, you can accomplish some big things in this world."

Ethan Lang

Q: What are your plans to grow your business in the future?

A: "After receiving proper certification and licensing, I will start to build my financial planning firm in Hays, Kansas. This will be both a brick and mortar firm as well as an online firm, where we will help people begin building their portfolios to help them achieve their financial goals."

You can view the Making Cents of Finance website here.

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