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Referral Center Success Spotlight: Retreat to Joy

By NetWork Kansas

The NetWork Kansas Referral Center connects entrepreneurs and small business owners with the right resources – Expertise, Education and Economic Resources – when they are needed most. The following spotlight shares another example of our ability to help grow Kansas businesses.

Retreat to Joy

At Retreat to Joy our mission is to transform individuals and businesses through Mindfulness to create and nurture a kinder Wichita. We offer training in Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, and an eight-week Mindfulness-Based Stress (MBSR) program.  Our vision is to make mindfulness an integral part of local Corporate and Community culture. We do this by offering a variety of options from two-hour lunch-and-learn programs to half, single and multi-day team workshops.  Retreat to Joy was founded in 2016 by native Wichitans Connie Porazka and Susan Langmann. Connie and Susan met as WSU students and have a lifelong shared passion for entrepreneurship.

Describe your overall experience working with NetWork Kansas:

NetWork Kansas has been more than excellent to work with. Starting out as an Entrepreneur, I had no idea that so many resources are available. Tiffany Nixon has been an awesome guide introducing me to resources in the Kansas system and beyond. Tiffany is always timely.  She exceeds my expectations.  We have been working together since January 2018. Many jumps in my business are related to a resource that Tiffany provided. She doesn't overwhelm me with information. Instead, she has developed an interest and knowledge of my business.  She has attended Meditation class outside of her working hours. She always follows up on next steps and if a resource has been helpful.


What resources did NetWork Kansas help connect you with and what was your experience working with those resources?:

Tiffany has connected me with several resources. I had to pivot early and make a name change for my business. Tiffany directed me to the WSU library who helped with trademarking.  I shifted my business focus so Tiffany suggested that I work with the Research branch of the Library. She suggested officing at e2e which is working out very well. She has suggested many apps and FB groups for me to connect with that have been helpful. She helped me do a successful launch of my FB page. She proofed the page, made suggestions. She has also helped suggesting an email program.

What are your next steps based on your interaction with NetWork Kansas and/or the resource(s) you have been working with?:

Tiffany set up a meeting with myself and Anne Dewvall, also of NetWork Kansas, to discuss the Inner Entrepreneur pilot. There is a lot of interest so I am encouraged and moving ahead to develop this program for Kansas Entrepreneurs. Tiffany has seen this project from inspiration to actually being developed. Very exciting. I am following up on other leads suggested by Tiffany and expanding a relationship with Aetna.

For more information about Retreat to Joy, visit the company's website and follow them on Facebook.

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