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Referral Center Success Spotlight: Alyss Analytics and Economic Gardening

By: NetWork Kansas

Economic Gardening is an entrepreneurial approach to economic development that seeks to grow the local economy from within.  Its premise is that local entrepreneurs create the companies that bring new wealth and economic growth to a region in the form of jobs, increased revenues, and a vibrant local business sector. 

Economic Gardening leverages sophisticated corporate databases, geographic information systems, and digital marketing tools to help Kansas Companies better compete online. Manufacturers, service providers, and retailers that have a web presence and do business regionally or even nationally should consider Economic Gardening. The NetWork Kansas referral center has a national strategic research team leader on staff who can guide you through the entire process.


Recent feedback from a client shows the power of this program:

"Understanding data is so key in driving the right strategic decision making and what EG does in finding valuable data, aggregating it, and then sharing it with the business can be game-changing," writes Mike Mathia, Founder of Alyss Analytics. "Their allocating time specifically for that task while we, in our businesses, have so many other things on our plate we're trying to do to move the business forward is extremely helpful."     

For more information about Economic Gardening, please access the program brochure or call (877) 521-8600 and ask for John.