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Ice House Participant Spotlight: Sweet Pear Bakery

By: NetWork Kansas

Sweet Pear 1

Chantell Rather completed the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in Cherokee County during the Spring of 2016. Below she talks about the impact that this program has had on her and how it has helped her take action and start her business.

1. Describe your business and how it began since participating in the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program.

My business, Sweet Pear Bakery, is a home based business that I started way back when. I previously worked at a hunting resort as a cook/baker. In January I left that job of 20 years and decided to run the bakery full time! Big decision, but certain things transpired at that time and I decided to move on to better things, like sweets full time.

2. What were your key takeaways from participating?

The biggest takeaway for me was learning to accept that it was OK to not know everything. It's OK if you fail, try again. When I went into the class I didn't want to be there; my husband signed me up and by the time we were through I'm beyond glad I went! I went in a negative lady and thinking I couldn't do it and came out more aggressive and sure of myself!

Sweet Pear 2

3. What are your plans to grow your business in the future?

Right now I'm a home-based business. Social media and word of mouth are my best friends! It is crazy what has transpired since that spring of 2016! I would eventually like to open a storefront but as of now I'm good with doing it at home to work up my clientele!

4. How do you think the entrepreneurial mindset will help you to move forward?

I think the Ice House has helped me be stronger in myself, no more self doubt! I'm progressing much more in details on cakes and surprise myself everyday. I used to turn down orders if I didn't think I could do them but now, thanks to this class, I take them all, full of steam and don't look back! This class has helped me be more money minded, more self-reliant, and helped my self esteem extremely. Shelley and Janet were excellent teachers and I still stay in contact with them from time to time!

Check out the Sweet Pear Bakery Facebook page here.