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Ice House Participant Spotlight: Poppin' Patriot Fireworks

By: NetWork Kansas

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Brock and Bryttni Miller completed the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program in Pawnee County during the Spring of 2017. Below Bryttni talks about the impact that this program has had on them and how it has helped further develop their entrepreneurial mindset.

1. Describe your business and how it began since participating in the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program.

Our business is called Poppin' Patriot Fireworks. We started the business in June 2017. Brock and I own two other businesses and we have always believed diversity and thinking outside of the box are key to being successful. The Ice House class reinforced these ideas and helped us focus on thinking outside of the box and finding a need in our community that could be filled. 

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2. What were your key takeaways from participating?

Key takeaways from the class include acting on our ideas and making time to look for opportunities we were missing.

3. What are your plans to grow your business in the future?

Our goal is to operate with little or no debt, which is also taught in the Ice House class. We started with some cash we had on hand and purchased fireworks and advertising for the first year. We did make a small profit the first year. We used that money to purchase more marketing items/signage and opened a second location. In 2018 we operated fireworks stands in Burdett and Rush Center, KS. We were able to purchase fireworks in bulk the second year, which allowed us to purchase a larger quantity and variety. Our goal was to break even the second year, knowing we had inventory remaining that would allow us to reap profits in year three. We plan to operate both stands again in 2019.

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4. How do you think the entrepreneurial mindset will help you to move forward?

The entrepreneurial mindset will help us to persevere. Starting a business requires hard work for little or no profits in the beginning. Hearing the stories of each entrepreneur in the class materials reminded us that most entrepreneurs do not start out with instant success; it's having a long term mindset and work ethic that will bring us success.

Check out the Poppin' Patriot Facebook page here.