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Passion for fashion, grit propels launch of Bling Glamour

By: NetWork Kansas
with guest contributor, Kate Eisenhour, Scott City E-Community

  Bling Glamour

Starting a business is taking a leap of faith for anyone, regardless of their circumstance. When Nicole Campos was faced with a life-altering condition, she pursued her dreams through optimism and confidence, trudging through both physical ailments and entrepreneurial waters. Bling Glamour was born from a passion for fashion and true grit in 2009. Campos’s husband, Mark, was a constant source of encouragement, supporting their small family as a school teacher by day and business partner by night. “Your dreams are my dreams” he would say, through the sleepless nights and financial unknowns.

After opening their first storefront in Scott City, Kansas, their boutique grew into a small enterprise, expanding into Garden City, Manhattan, Hays, and Salina. The Bling name became incredibly popular among women young and old, as well as surrounding community members. When a devastating fire ravaged their entire warehouse and Scott City inventory on the cusp of Christmas in 2014, Nicole and Mark were astonished by the outpouring support of their customers who rallied to buy off all existing products within their Garden City store. It was in this moment they realized the loyalty of their patrons, and their true purpose: to bless others.

NetWork Kansas came alongside Nicole and Mark in the prime of their growth. Bling Glamour participated in a NetWork Kansas Economic Gardening engagement in 2012 and again in 2013.  Economic Gardening is an innovative growth strategy focused on providing tools to cultivate second-stage businesses. “The timing was exactly right,” Nicole recalled. “NetWork Kansas helped shape and form us into who we became and exposed us to a level of professionalism we had not yet uncovered in our own circles. Our assigned mentor took us seriously and prepared us for the unknowns yet to come.”

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As their company continued to grow into new markets, Mark took another leap, retiring from his teaching career to become a full-time partner. With support from NetWork Kansas, the two have become an inspiring duo who give back to the Scott County E-Community. “We feel we have a responsibility to let others know the real side of entrepreneurship,” Nicole stated. “It’s not easy. It takes insane resilience and consistency. If we can pay it forward and be someone’s cheerleader, then we are giving back in the same way we received it.”

After nine years, 75 employees, nine locations and an online store, Bling Glamour has experienced peaks and valleys of epic proportions. What keeps them going day in and day out? Prioritizing their faith, their family and their fans, and waiting for the “right nudge.” NetWork Kansas is proud to congratulate Nicole and Mark on their true story of success!