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6 Businesses Receive Funding from NetWork Kansas During February

E-Community Loans

~ Cedar Tree Barn, LLC in Parsons, KS. Partner: Altamont Community Improvement Assoc.
~ Mattress Haven, LLC in McPherson. Partner: McPherson Chamber of Commerce-McPherson, KS
~ North Topeka Apartments, LLC in Topeka. Partner: K-State Research and Extension, Shawnee County
~ The Best Home Guys Holding Co, in Wichita. Partner: Wichita Urban E-Community

Capital Multiplier 
~ Blue Vista, LLC in Randolph. Partner: Pioneer Country Development
~ GRIT Virtual, Inc, in Wichita. Partner: Wichita Technology Corp.

Paid in Full:
E-Community Loans
~ Kendal Kutz in McDonald. Partner: Rawlins County Econ Dev.