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Taking Business to the Next Level at Grad DBC


By: Anne Dewvall

Many E-Communities and E-Community businesses are already familiar with Jon Schallert’s popular Destination Business Boot Camp (DBC), one of our board certified programs. It’s an intensive experience that teaches businesses how to draw in customers and make their business unique. This summer, NetWork Kansas expanded our board certified programs to include an advanced course for graduates of DBC who want to take their business to the next level.

This September, I attended this so-called Graduate DBC to find out what businesses could expect. The course material is familiar, but the experience is a deeper dive and gives businesses the chance to really examine their own business position. The attendees are experienced entrepreneurs who have already attended one (or more!) of Jon’s trainings, and this meant barriers were low. Businesses shared expertise in a safe, trustworthy environment, and frequently used a “reverse pitch” format to pose problems to the group.


The boot camp reviewed key destination concepts, and introduced all attendees to new wisdom Jon had gained since their last experience. In some cases, it had been a decade since the business had attended boot camp, and in others, it had been only a year. Jon did a great job of balancing these different levels of knowledge and finding wisdom that benefited everyone. At personalized consultations after hours, the businesses also got to dig into meatier issues with Jon in a private setting.

It was a great opportunity for many of these entrepreneurs to clarify their strategy for the next stage of growth. Attendees gained perspective on how to build business value for succession planning purposes, too. It was a week of soul-searching in many respects, as the entrepreneurs enjoyed the rare chance to work “on” their business instead of “in” it. 


Truly, it was the peer-networking component that was the biggest benefit of this graduate DBC. The advice and support attendees gain from fellow high-achieving destination businesses alone makes it worthwhile to travel to Colorado!

This was the only graduate DBC of 2016, but a course listing will be published on Jon Schallert’s website when it’s available: