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Leadership Training Energizes Central E-Communities

June 2016 Leadership E-Team Training

"It was a great place to get information, reflect on the status quo, share information with peers, and take away important, relevant, and timely information and bring it to our group. I'm very glad I came!" 

- Lou Thurston, Marketing Executive for Grace Labels (Hillsboro E-Community Team)

Leadership Team Performance Training
The Leadership Team Performance Training pilot was a success! On Monday, June 27, five E-Communities gathered in McPherson for a full-day training. Don Macke, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship, led a lively workshop filled with thought-provoking discussion points and ideas for participants to take back to their communities.

The five E-Communities participating included Hillsboro, Marion, McPherson County, Reno County, and Rice County. Each E-Community point person invited another three to six members of the leadership team and/or financial review board to join the workshop and the total attendance was 25.

The purpose of this workshop was to coach high-functioning leadership groups with a good to great mentality. Don began each hour with an overview of a concept, then shared questions to facilitate group discussion on a particular topic. Each community leadership group explored topics individually and shared reflections with the group.

The workshop consisted of five parts: High Performing E-Teams, Clear Vision and Mission, Pipeline, Operations, and Stakeholders and Funding. Throughout the day attendees stayed engaged and many great discussions took place. Overall it was a productive day and we look forward to hosting more Leadership Team Performance Training events for E-Community groups in the future!

·      Time set aside to work together as a team and discuss your E-Community’s vision and mission
·      Ability to network and discuss best practices and common challenges amongst surrounding E-Community teams
·      Work with an expert on innovative new ideas to explore for your E-Community 

More Information
To learn more or to discuss upcoming opportunities for your E-Community leadership team to participate in a Leadership Team Performance Training, please contact your NetWork Kansas E-Community regional representative (Ciara, Erik, Shelley, Simone, or Ted) or e-mail