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Five Lessons You Can Learn from Super Bowl Advertising

The Super Bowl is over, and baseball season is nearing. However, there are still some lessons that business owners can salvage from football as spring training gets underway.

   1. Define an objective, and measure your results.

When Super Bowl ads cost millions of dollars, marketers need to be able to justify the large investments by measuring the impact of the ads they create. While your business may not be spending millions of dollars on a single marketing campaign, it is still vital for small business owners to ensure that every dollar spent on marketing initiatives is well-spent.

Identify a measurable objective for your marketing campaign. Measures may include website visits, store visits, or purchases. Then, implement a mechanism to track the impact of your marketing campaign on your selected measure. Send customers to a customized URL, give a unique coupon code, provide a separate toll-free phone number, or simply ask customers how they heard of you.

   2. Maximize the impact of your campaign.

Successful Super Bowl marketers do not simply run an advertisement and then wait for customers to come rolling in. They make and maintain contact with consumers before and after the game. Marketers will use social media, YouTube, teaser ads, and other strategies to generate interest before their Super Bowl ads even run. Marketers then use mechanisms including Twitter hashtags and extended online videos to continue engagement with consumers. Find a way to extend contact with consumers, and keep your message consistent across the media you use.

   3. Use timely messaging.

Oreo’s “You can still dunk in the dark” ad capitalized on the power outage that occurred during the Super Bowl. While many companies take weeks or months to develop a marketing piece, recognizing an opportunity and reacting quickly can yield impactful results. Give consumers something to which they can relate today.

   4. Know your audience.

Super Bowl advertisers surely understand the audience watching the game. Be certain that you understand your target market before implementing a marketing campaign. Conduct market research to understand which media will reach the greatest number of potential customers and how to appeal to your target market’s interests, values, and emotions.

   5. Be humorous.

There is a reason why so many Super Bowl ads use humor. The funniest ads are going to be talked about long after the game is over. A humorous campaign has the ability to keep your brand on the minds of your target customers longer. When using humor, however, be sure that it remains appropriate for your target audience, aligns with your branding, and does not overshadow your brand.

Content contributed by Ryan Pingel, State of Ingenuity SourceLink (Wisconsin/Illinois).

State of Ingenuity SourceLink is a proud affiliate of U.S. SourceLink, America’s largest resource network for entrepreneurs.