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News Release: NetWork Kansas Supports Business Owners' Training at Destination BootCamp

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NetWork Kansas Supports Business Owners' Training at Destination BootCamp

Wichita, Kansas, January 22, 2015 --- NetWork Kansas has designated the business certificate program Destination BootCamp by The Schallert Group of Longmont, Colo., as a board-certified program that qualifies for up to $3,000 in funds to cover registration and travel expenses for businesses in the network's 48 Kansas Entrepreneurship (E-) Communities.

Destination BootCamp joins the Kauffman Foundation's Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, Wichita State University's Growing Rural Businesses program, and NetWork Kansas' Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge series as a board-certified program. E-Communities are eligible to use their locally-controlled E-Community loan fund or E-Community marketing account to pay for all or a portion of these programs.

"I am very excited to partner with The Schallert Group to add Destination BootCamp to our suite of board certified services. This is a wonderful program to assist existing businesses in our E-Communities," says Director of E-Communities, Erik Pedersen.

This 2-1/2 day training is for business owners who want to accelerate their learning curve, receive in-depth instruction, strategies, and specific tactics on how to become a dominant "Destination Business" preferred by customers. Internationally recognized business expert Jon Schallert teaches a 14-step strategy to turn businesses and communities into destinations. There are 4 Destination BootCamp sessions scheduled during 2015: March 3-5, June 2-4, September 1-3, and October 27-29.

Anne Dewvall, NetWork Kansas Communications Manager, attended Destination BootCamp in October 2014. "I feel like Jon really created an environment that was conducive to collaborative, hands-on learning. His experience, his enthusiasm, the teaching moments - it really sticks with you."

Schallert has worked with small businesses for more than 30 years, including a decade with Hallmark, Inc., to hone his destination business strategy. Many communities and businesses in Kansas have benefited from the training. 

"Every business, regardless of its location, must market itself as its own destination, a business that is so compellingly different that when a consumer or tourist hears about it, they say: 'I have to go to that place!'" Schallert explains. 

"One of the things that really speaks to us about this opportunity is the idea of destination businesses, of drawing customers from outside your little town, your little community," says Dewvall.

Destination BootCamp provides both inspiration and practical information to help business owners make manageable, economical changes that can have a major impact. 

"Perceiving yourself as an attraction is really important," Dewvall says. "Entrepreneurship is a way of taking control of your economic destiny and programs like Destination BootCamp can help you do that successfully." 

To learn more about the E-Community Partnership, Contact
Erik Pedersen, Director of E-Communities



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