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A Lacking Safety Net

By: Christina Long & Ted Kriwiel | February 16th, 2016 --- Typically, entrepreneurs tend to be white, male and from upper-income families. Why is this?

Growing Our Own

By: Jonathan Long | December 14, 2015 --- In Wichita, where I live, leaders are grappling with how to reignite the area’s economy. Regionalism, entrepreneurship and the recruitment of young talent dominate – if not drive – local discussions. While a focus on these ideas is smart, another even more perceptive solution continues to be overlooked: diversity and inclusion.

Harnessing the Power of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

By: Ted Kriwiel | November 16, 2015 --- Earlier this month, Christina shared a beautiful post on the role entrepreneurship played in her childhood. This week, I’ll share a bit of my experience.

Changing Mindsets to Affirm Entrepreneurship

By: Christina Long | November 2, 2015 --- Entrepreneurship is risky business and, for many households living from paycheck-to-paycheck, you don’t gamble with your future. Instability, like failure, just isn’t an option.

KCSourceLink: 4 Keys from a Successful Entrepreneur

By: Jenny Nepper | December 8, 2014 --- Being an entrepreneur can be a risky venture. Diana Kander, serial entrepreneur, bestselling author and senior fellow at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is a successful entrepreneur, having founded and sold a number of ventures. Kander’s book walks through four keys for de-risking your idea or startup so you can generate real revenue.

Entrepreneurs, Women and Tech: The New Frontier?


By Maria Brown | October 30 --- GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving recently shared insights in his commentary in Fortune.comthat entrepreneurs in the tech space may find useful: “Women purchase, and make purchasing decisions, for more than 50% of technology items in the marketplace. Understanding how

Home-Based Businesses Beware


By Anne Dewvall | October 15, 2014 Cottage industries have existed for thousands of years. Ordinary people sell goods and services on a small scale to supplement their income. Once this may have looked like selling eggs, mending fences, or sewing quilts. It doesn’t look all that different today.

How to Start a Farmers’ Market


By Jamie Hofling | September 18, 2014 --- We’ve discussed how the community benefits from a local farmers’ market and showcased several Kansas markets. If you’ve been persuaded and want to consider one in your area this blog shares a brief summary of preliminary steps and resources available to help guide you through the conceptual stage.

How to Get Clients to Pay

By Lois Kirkpatrick | July 3, 2014 --- As an entrepreneur, you're excited about the product or service you've created. You're thrilled to have a growing number of customers. Money is coming in, but you haven't put a system in place to formally track who owes you how much, and by when.

How to Prioritize Your Entrepreneurial Ideas

By Sarah Mote | May 1, 2014 --- I’ve invested in a lot of Kansas City-based early-stage ventures. One of the first companies I invested in raised a quarter of a million dollars to take advantage of a purchase order that would ultimately make them millionaires over the course of five years. Without getting into intricacies of the business, the product they were selling was marketed to youth soccer players. We spent months coming up with ideas, whiteboarding strategies and building a roadmap.