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Optimizing a Leadership Team

ERG 2012-1

By Jamie Hofling | October 20, 2014 --- As I become more familiar with E-Community leadership teams, I’m recognizing the importance of certain elements of the team that help them be proactive in their approach to building an entrepreneurial culture. It can’t be overlooked that the leadership team and others involved in building the culture are primarily made up of volunteers therefore it is crucial that the right people be on the team and that there be a common thread, a shared purpose among members.

Top 5 Ways To Be More Efficient As An Entrepreneur

By Matthew Cassady | Apr 08, 2014 --- let's take a few moments and review five techniques which could elevate your overall productivity. Not that these five tips are revolutionary or innovative, but rather solid truths in boosting small business efficiency.

Take Care of Your Business by Taking Care of Your Health

By Maria Brown | Mar 11, 2014 --- Start-up and established company owners will vouch, owning your own business can take its toll on your time, energy, and health. There is always one more thing that should be done, one more phone call to make, one more customer to follow up with, which can add up to no time left for exercising, eating well, or even sleep.

Eight Reasons Why Mardi Gras Die-Hards Make Excellent Entrepreneurs

By Kristine Dickson | Mar 13, 2014 --- I am definitely not an extreme Mardi Gras go’er. I do enjoy attending one or two parades during the Mardi Gras season, but I am the type that if the weather looks like it won’t be sun-filled and warm, you’re more likely to find me at home catching up on work and relaxing, which is how I'm celebrating this Fat Tuesday. This puts me in the lightweight division as Mardi Gras followers are concerned.

How to Write a Business Plan

By Sarah Mote | Mar 06, 2014 --- A plan in your head is good. A plan on paper is even better. Writing a business plan doesn't have to be intimidating or complicated.

Working in your business? Let’s get working ON it.

If you haven’t read E-Myth by Michael Gerber, it’s worth picking up. The main idea is that many startups are very technically oriented in their business- whether that be cake baking or software development- but they are not so skilled on the other end of spectrum, entrepreneurship and management.

Tips For Choosing Your Management Team

By: Leigh Cameron The other day, I attended a lecture at the University of Alaska Anchorage entitled, “Building Your Management Team,” by entrepreneur and UAA professor Forrest Nabors. Dr. Nabors has worked on management teams at two major corporations and over time learned that management teams are what can make or break a company.

10 Ways to Fail as a Mediator

Whether you own a small business, manage a large one, or even just work in a setting with two other employees, chances are you are going to run into conflict in the workplace. Others may be depending on you to help solve the problem.