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e2 In-Depth: Regional Development and Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building

This e2 in-depth features an analysis showing that rural communities who partnered with strong regional development organizations had more robust and successful economic development.

e2 In-Depth: New Resources for 2022

This e2 in-depth features a preview of what's to come in 2022 centering on the topics of: Transformative Change and Entrepreneurship, Likely Entrepreneurial Development Opportunity Strategy Guides and field work in Kansas, Oregon, Nebraska and Minnesota.

e2 In-Depth: New Resident Attraction - Development Opportunities for Rural America

This e2 in-depth feature is part of our Strategy Guide Series curated around our top 10 Likely Entrepreneurial Development Opportunities list. A bonus: our newest podcast episode explores the migration trends and possibilities for entrepreneurship that new residents bring.

e2 In-Depth: Tourism-Led Development, Opportunities for Rural America

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke and Kimberlee Spillers is "Tourism-Led Development, Opportunities for Rural America." The feature provides strategies for growing a more competitive, higher value, diverse, and resilient economy around tourism and people attraction.

e2 In-Depth: Marginalized Rural Americans

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke and Kimberlee Spillers on Marginalized Rural Americans, Economic Development Implications. The feature covers some causes and effects of marginalization and provides a recommended reading list for additional information.

e2 In-Depth: Energizing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building in Keene, New Hampshire

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke and Mary Ann Kristiansen, a social and business entrepreneur, who calls the New England community of Keene, New Hampshire home. She and her partners have grown some remarkable entrepreneurship initiatives including the Hannah Grimes Center for Entrepreneurship, Hannah Grimes Marketplace, and annual Radically Rural summit.

e2 In-Depth: Retiree-Led Development

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke and Kimberlee Spillers exploring how America’s waves of retirees offer huge development opportunities for regions and communities prepared to compete for their hometown as locations of choice.

e2 In-Depth: Foundational Infrastructure for Entrepreneurial Communities

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke interviewing Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel, SourceLink founders and authors of the book, Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure.

e2 In-Depth: Community Capacity Building

This e2 in-depth explores the idea that, unless you have sufficient capacity, undertaking economic development is not going to be enough to empower your community’s prosperity

e2 In-Depth: Urban America is Filling Up

This e2 in-depth explores what opportunities are available for rural America as urban America fills up.