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e2 In-Depth: Retiree-Led Development

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke and Kimberlee Spillers exploring how America’s waves of retirees offer huge development opportunities for regions and communities prepared to compete for their hometown as locations of choice.

e2 In-Depth: Foundational Infrastructure for Entrepreneurial Communities

This e2 in-depth features Don Macke interviewing Maria Meyers and Kate Hodel, SourceLink founders and authors of the book, Beyond Collisions: How to Build Your Entrepreneurial Infrastructure.

e2 In-Depth: Community Capacity Building

This e2 in-depth explores the idea that, unless you have sufficient capacity, undertaking economic development is not going to be enough to empower your community’s prosperity

e2 In-Depth: Urban America is Filling Up

This e2 in-depth explores what opportunities are available for rural America as urban America fills up.

e2 In-Depth: Community Leadership

This e2 in-depth explores how community leadership plays an integral part in rural community development success.

e2 In-Depth: Lessons from Central Appalachia

This e2 in-depth explores the work of fostering entrepreneur-led development and entrepreneurial ecosystem building in Central Appalachia, which is foundational to creating pathways to community prosperity.

e2 In-Depth: Mega Trends and Rural America

This e2 article explores the top 10 trends in 2021 influencing the future of rural America.

e2 In-Depth: 2020 Anthology of e2 Work

In this e2 article, we take a look back on e2's white papers through the year.

e2 In-Depth: Is Your Community a JEDI Hometown?

In this e2 article, Don Macke and David Iquinta pose the question: Is your community a JEDI hometown? The newest paper describes action steps communities can take to embrace justice, equity, diversity and inclusion to grow entrepreneurship and prosperity for all.

e2 In-Depth: Broadband and Rural America Restart, Recovery and Resiliency

In this e2 article, Broadband and Rural America Restart, Recovery and Resiliency, Don Macke takes an in-depth look into the world COVID-19 pandemic health crisis, which has greatly disrupted our lives with millions of Americans now infected and deaths approaching 215,000 according to Johns Hopkins University data. While the worst effects of the pandemic have largely impacted more densely packed metropolitan areas, it is now spreading hot spots to rural America.