In-Depth by e2: e2’s Rural Community Prosperity Development Framework

e2’s Rural Community Prosperity Development Framework

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By: Don Macke, e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

The development goals communities set tend to define how we measure success. If our goals are unclear, we tend to drift in our economic development work. If our goals are modest, we tend to achieve modest change. Work by the Heartland Center for Leadership Development has demonstrated that when communities set goals, they tend to achieve them. It is for these reasons that embracing an aggressive but achievable set of community economic development goals is so important.

Employing a clear development framework enables us to move from goals to actions that realize goals. In setting prosperity (operationally defined by the community through indicators) as our ultimate goal or end game and embracing the four essentials, communities have a greater opportunity to make meaningful and even transformative change over time.

Read the full brief here.

NetWork Kansas is the home for e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, which is led by Don Macke, who has more than 40 years of community economic development and policy experience. The partnership between NetWork Kansas and e2 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems provides a platform to offer learning institutes, a consulting network, analytics support and mentoring to benefit the entrepreneurs, small businesses, resource partners and communities in Kansas as well as nationally.

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