2017 Competitive Round

NetWork Kansas is seeking additional Kansas communities to participate in its innovative Entrepreneurship (E-Community) Partnership. The 2016 round of E-Community partnership proposals will be accepted through August 4, 2017.
Each E-Community benefits from an injection of capital that is raised locally through the NetWork Kansas Entrepreneurship Tax Credit Program and creates a locally controlled revolving loan fund to help small businesses. Participants can apply for up to $125,000 in tax credits, which allows them to raise approximately $150,000 in funds designated for matching loans and grants to businesses in their respective communities. 
Communities chosen to become E-Communities partner with NetWork Kansas to achieve the following results:  1) Through the NetWork Kansas Entrepreneurship Tax Credit allocation, communities establish a fund for entrepreneurs and small business owners that is administered at the local level;  2) Each E-Community maps local, regional and state assets available to assist entrepreneurs and businesses; 3) Priority access to NetWork Kansas board certified programs (Ice House, Growing Rural Businesses, Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Destination Boot Camp and Economic Gardening); and 4) A long term partnership with nearly 500 NetWork Kansas partners statewide that assist entrepreneurs and small businesses to provide a positive impact on the Kansas economy.

The 2017 E-Community Partnership Competitive Round Is Now Open

Partnership Proposals Now Available for Download. Competitive Round Runs June 2, 2017 - August 4, 2017.

Download application: E-Community Partnership Proposal 2017