Southeast Kansas Prosperity Foundation

Contact Information

Bruce Fairbank
1701 S Broadway
128 Shirk Hall
Pittsburg, KS 66762
Phone: (620) 235-4920
Fax: (620) 235-4919

Service Description

The Foundation has the following programs: Revolving Loan Program, as a general rule, will be less than $60,000 and leverage to maximum with the financial community, state and federal finance programs and have equity requirements. Interest rates may vary but should remain at a maximum of 3% over New York prime. Technology Initiatives The Foundation proposes to make matching grants available to Southeast Kansas hospitals or health agencies for the establishment of broadband, internet based video/data patient monitoring systems. Workforce Training We propose a “Strike Force” approach in responding to the needs of a new or existing businesses employing 25 people, or more. We will provide a maximum of $7,500 as a matching grant to a university or community college to perform Aptitude and Skills Assessment tests (i.e. Work Aptitude test, Armed Services Battery Test) for the business. This, combined with State of Kansas training programs, will increase hiring success ratios, reduce churn, and optimize training expenditures. Commercial/Industrial Building Program The Foundation proposes to establish a matching fund/low interest revolving loan program to support the construction, or refurbishment, of commercial or industrial buildings. Funds may be used for a wide range of projects from Downtown Revitalization programs to help refurbish buildings in commercial/retail districts, to funding speculative industrial structures. The creativeness of the community and local demand for commercial or industrial buildings will determine how large a structure should be built. Regional Leadership Academy Help insure our future by investing in the leaders of tomorrow. These funds would be utilized for regional leadership development and marketing. This program targets the development of community leadership capacity to strengthen the economic and social environment of the southeast Kansas region and to market our features to the world. This program will build on existing community leadership programs. This program should not be an exclusive group; rather it should include all ages of individuals from all classes and races. Operation “Back Home Again” “Back Home Again” to Kansas is a recruitment program to bring graduates of SEK high schools and SEK post secondary schools back to our region. This program will help regional employers find skilled, technical, talented and experienced employees. It also gives individuals the chance to return to the State to be close to aging parents, enjoy a simpler lifestyle away from the big city, or pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. Entrepreneurial Development Small business development will be encouraged by capturing the passion, intelligence, imagination and resources of local entrepreneurs to expand an existing business or create a new venture. Services offered by existing entrepreneurial/enterprise facilitation and business assistances programs in the region will be utilized and expanded as needed for this effort. These programs, which offer free, confidential coaching to local entrepreneurs, maintain a responsive approach to business development and lay the foundation of sound business management. Through these programs, entrepreneurs will be able to access the Foundation’s revolving loan fund for financial assistance.

Services Offered

Advocacy & Public Policy

  • Small Business Issues

Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting & Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Market Research

Financial Resources & Assistance

  • Assistance in Finding Debt Funding
  • Assistance in Finding Equity Funding
  • Assistance in Finding Government Funding
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting Software Training
  • Loan Packaging
  • Loan Providers

Libraries & Research Organizations

  • Business Research Resources

Management Issues & Training

  • Leadership/Professional Development