Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

YEC Series

During the 2017-2018 academic year, E-Communities have the opportunity to host local-level entrepreneurship competitions and submit their event to be part of the “Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge series” culminating in the Kansas Entrepreneurship Challenge (KEC) State Championship on April 24, 2018. Local entrepreneurship competitions must meet certain guidelines in order to qualify as part of the series and to be eligible to use E-Community funds to pay for part or all of the competition. The YEC series gives Kansas students hands-on experience thinking entrepreneurially.

2017-2018 YEC Series Events
Local competitions will be listed here after their sanction application is approved. 

KEC State Championship
April 24, 2018
Manhattan, KS

$18,000 in prize money
Winner of each YEC series event + best 15 wildcard Executive Summaries 
Executive summary & 4-minute formal presentations + separate tradeshow competition

Ready to begin the process? Scroll below to find helpful documents or visit the YEC Event Portal.

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Anne Dewvall for more information.