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NetWork Kansas Board Certified Programs

NetWork Kansas Board Certified Programs have been approved by the NetWork Kansas board of directors as an acceptable use of E-Community loan and/or marketing funds in order to generate entrepreneurial activity in a community. 

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Destination BootCamp

Destination BootCamp

This 2-1/2 day training in Longmont, Colo. is for business owners who want to accelerate their learning curve, receive in-depth instruction, strategies, and specific tactics on how to become a dominant “Destination Business” preferred by customers. Internationally-recognized business expert Jon Schallert teaches a 14-step strategy to turn businesses and communities into destinations. E-Communities can use loan funds to pay for businesses to attend Destination BootCamp and/or participate in the Community Reinvention Program (CRP) or the graduated Destination BootCamp.

2017 Destination BootCamps
January 31-February 2
March 7-9
April 4-6
May 23-25
September 12-14
October 3-5
October 24-26

Learn more about Destination BootCamp and CRP

Download the Destination Bootcamp Brochure (PDF)

Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Series

During 2014 and 2015, NetWork Kansas E-Communities held 16 local-level youth entrepreneurship competitions as part of the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge Series, culminating in a total of 3 regional-level youth entrepreneurship competitions, at which a total of 55 students have competed over two years, earning more than $15,000 in prize money from NetWork Kansas. 

During the 2015-2016 academic year, E-Communities have the opportunity to host local-level entrepreneurship competitions and submit their event to be part of the “Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge series” culminating in a statewide youth entrepreneurship competition hosted at Kansas State University on April 25, 2016. Local entrepreneurship competitions must meet certain guidelines in order to qualify as part of the series and to be eligible to use E-Community funds to pay for part or all of the competition. Learn more. 

Ice House

The Kansas Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

The Kansas Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is an 8-week certificate program that develops entrepreneurial skills like critical thinking, communication, problem solving, and other key assets.

Inspired by the life story of Pulitzer nominee Clifton Taulbert, the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program was created by the Kauffman Foundation as a powerful learning program designed to educate and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset. Learn more.

Fab Lab

Maker Space Boot Camp

This 2-1/2 day training in Independence, Kan. is for communities who want to learn how to create an entrepreneurial mindset and maker space in their community to enhance community revitalization efforts. Fab Lab ICC experts demonstrate how they set up their maker space, share impact from community members, and showcase the magic of making, showing that anyone can learn to use a maker space. Participants take home a collection of plans and processes and benefit from two post-camp phone consultations with Fab Lab ICC founder Jim Correll. E-Community loan funds can pay for registration and travel. Discounts available for E-Community participants. Learn more.

2018 Maker Space Boot Camps

Feb. 20-22 in Independence, Kan. 

Growing Rural Businesses

Growing Rural Businesses

The certifi­cate program provides practical, applied information and examples necessary for today’s rural communities. The Growing Rural Businesses Model is an eleven-session certifi­cate program customized for rural businesses. Participants receive a comprehensive practical approach to conducting business along with the resources needed to succeed. Group discussions facilitated by Wichita State University faculty provide insights on how to approach challenges and solve them effectively. Learn more.

Economic Gardening

Economic Gardening

The Kansas Economic Gardening Network was launched by NetWork Kansas in 2010 to connect second-stage companies that have the intent and capacity to grow their business with expert consulting services designed to increase revenue and create sustainable job growth. Selected businesses interact with an experienced national economic gardening team who deliver services tailored to meet the needs of each business, including: generating sales leads, mapping geographic areas to facilitate targeted marketing, using SEO and other strategies to give the business a competitive edge. Learn More (PDF).

Other Programs

E-Accelerator is a process that accelerates entrepreneurial development as a rural community economic growth strategy. The purpose of E-Accelerator is to provide coaching to communities so they can grow local businesses, identify entrepreneurial opportunities, and access resources. 

E-Community Board Certified Programs Contact

To learn more about E-Community Board Certified Programs, contact Anne Dewvall, Manager of Entrepreneurship (E-) Communities.