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Becoming an E-Community

Applying for the NetWork Kansas Entrepreneurship Community Partnership

New Entrepreneurship Communities are selected annually. The competitive round typically opens in May and closes by mid-August. A detailed written application and in-person interview will be required. Interested communities should have initiated a relationship with NetWork Kansas prior to applying. If members of your Leadership Team and Financial Review Board have not met with NetWork Kansas prior to submitting this proposal, please contact
Erik Pedersen 316-425-8841 or to schedule a meeting. Applications submitted without a NetWork Kansas meeting will probably not be selected.

Application Requirements

  • The establishment of a local leadership team to provide the overall direction and leadership for the E-Community. The team should meet monthly to discuss the progress of the E-Community, methods to promote and utilize the E-Community fund, identification of key stakeholder groups and how to engage them, as well as proactively reach out to other E-Communities to discuss best practices.

  • The establishment of a local financial review board to review applications and approve/disapprove loans to local entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as determine interest rate, length of term and security position (or choice to be unsecured) for each approved application.

  • The identification of an organization responsible for administrating and servicing the loans. This organization will prepare the loan documents, close the loans, prepare UCC or mortgage filings, collect loan repayment checks from the business, forward those payments to NetWork Kansas to be deposited back into the E-Community account, and communicate with the business regarding late payments.