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Growing Rural Businesses Entrepreneurial Certificate Program

Growing Rural Business
By Wichita State University | July 21, 2014 --- The Center for Entrepreneurship's Growing Rural Businesses (GRB) program is a 11-week certificate program that provides practical, applied knowledge customized for the specific needs of rural businesses. Offered throughout the state, sessions cover topics such as market research, vendor relationships, financials, and advertising strategy.

EyeVerify receives a significant investment contribution

By Sean McDowell | July 17, 2014 --- A member of Kansas City’s Startup Village received a major boost Thursday. Owners at EyeVerify announced they’ve received $6 million in financial support from four major investors.

Database: Which Kansas counties are aging, getting younger

By Emily Behlmann | July 16, 2014 --- Most Kansas counties’ populations have grown older since the 2010 Census, though 25 counties have a younger makeup of residents than they did in 2010.

July Update: Kansas Capital Multiplier Funding Programs

By NetWork Kansas | July 15, 2014 --- The Kansas Capital Multiplier funds are part of $13.1 million in State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) funding from the U.S. Treasury. Qualifying businesses are eligible to apply for funding of up to nine percent of the private capital invested.

July Update: StartUp Kansas and E-Community Funding Programs

By NetWork Kansas | July 14, 2014 --- NetWork Kansas has provided nearly $10 million in funding to businesses in Kansas through the E-Community and StartUp Kansas programs and helped create or retain 1,022 full-time jobs and 1,013 part-time jobs since 2007.


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