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Devlin talks about success, sale of Rent-A-Center at entrepreneur forum

By Jerry Siebenmark | Apr 16, 2014 Tom Devlin said his son’s struggles with schoolwork led to the sale of Rent-A-Center. That was one of the revelations the 66-year-old entrepreneur and founder of the national rent-to-own chain made on Tuesday to a full lecture hall at the Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship Meritrust Entrepreneurship Forum.

March Update: StartUp Kansas and E-Community Funding Programs

By NetWork Kansas | Apr 15, 2014 --- NetWork Kansas has provided $9.8 million in funding to businesses in Kansas through the E-Community and StartUp Kansas programs and helped create or retain 902 full-time jobs and 784 part-time jobs since 2007.

March Update: Kansas Capital Multiplier Program

By NetWork Kansas | Apr 14, 2014 --- As of March 31, 2014, NetWork Kansas has awarded 50 businesses with more than $7.9 million through the Kansas Capital Multiplier Funds. These funds have leveraged more than $142 million in additional capital.

Introducing: the K-State Launch a Business (LAB)

By NetWork Kansas | Apr 10, 2014 --- Are you launching a new startup venture, and you aren't sure what to do first? Have you been mulling over a concept on nights and weekends, and are ready to take the leap to focus on it? Do you have an idea or early-stage business you know is the next BIG thing? The startup journey can be lonely - if you're looking for support along the road, you're in the right place.

10 Businesses Receive Funding from NetWork Kansas During March

By NetWork Kansas | Apr 09, 2014 --- During the month of March, 10 new businesses received NetWork Kansas funding through the E-Community partnership, Kansas Capital Multiplier Funds, and StartUp Kansas program. Five different E-Communities awarded loans this month. Congratulations!


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