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By: Anne Dewvall | July 19, 2016 --- The Kauffman Foundation recently awarded NetWork Kansas a grant to facilitate business assistance projects in Kansas. A portion of the grant funds will be utilized to send a select number of second-stage Kansas businesses through the Kansas Economic Gardening program.

Why Economic Gardening? IEDC Article Explains Growth Strategy.

By: NetWork Kansas --- What can economic gardening do for me? We're often asked this question by resource partners and CEOs. A recent IEDC magazine article focuses on this economic development strategy that has already benefitted 56 high-growth Kansas businesses.

News Release: Kansas Businesses Report a Boost in Growth After Participating in Kansas Economic Gardening Network

Wichita, Kansas, June 17, 2014 --- Kansas businesses reported a boost in revenue and jobs compared to state and national averages over a two-year period after utilizing economic gardening services provided by the Kansas Economic Gardening Network. NetWork Kansas facilitated these engagements as part of an effort to accelerate high-growth Kansas businesses in partnership with the Kansas Department of Commerce, the Kansas Small Business Development Center, and NetWork Kansas’ 500+ member network of business-building resource partners.

NetWork Kansas Awards Johnson County, the City of Parsons, and the City of Wichita Community Economic Gardening Engagements to Spur Business Growth

Wichita, Kansas, March 28, 2013 --- NetWork Kansas has awarded Johnson County, the City of Parsons, and the City of Wichita with community-level economic gardening engagements through the statewide Kansas Economic Gardening Network. These community applications will support at least 16 economic gardening engagements worth more than $56,000 with second-stage businesses.

NetWork Kansas To Cohost 11th Annual National Economic Gardening Conference

News Release — Plans are underway for the 11th Annual National Economic Gardening Conference. This year’s event is being coordinated by three state Economic Gardening Programs: Business Growth Services division of Missouri Small Business Development & Technology Centers; NetWork Kansas; and Advance Iowa.

Program Summary - Kansas Economic Gardening Network

The Kansas Economic Gardening Network was launched as a pilot program by NetWork Kansas with support from USDA Rural Development in 2010 to connect second-stage companies that have the intent and capacity to grow their business with significant sophisticated technical assistance. Selected businesses interact with an experienced national economic gardening team who deliver economic gardening services tailored to meet the needs of each business. Examples of economic gardening services include GIS, market research, SEO tools, social media monitoring, and sales lead generation. 

This pilot, the first nationwide to focus exclusively on rural businesses, successfully closed in 2012 with 28 businesses completing engagements. 

In October 2012, a second phase of the Kansas Economic Gardening Network was launched to offer Kansas communities the opportunity to offer high-growth businesses in their area economic gardening assistance. 

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, with award rounds closing the 15th of each month. 

Application Steps for the Kansas Economic Gardening Network

1. Review the Program Brochure, CEO Info Sheet, and Case Studies

2. Connect with a local NetWork Kansas resource partner

If you have not identified a resource partner in your area, contact NetWork Kansas by phone at (877)521-8600 or email at, info@networkkansas.com to learn more about the Kansas Economic Gardening Network and to be connected with a partner

3. Download and complete the Business Application

4. NetWork Kansas will contact you via email to inform you of the status of the application. Further instructions will be provided in the email notification you receive from NetWork Kansas.

Not a partner? Only NetWork Kansas resource partners can access the Kansas Economic Gardening Network. Find out how to become a resource partner here.

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