• ARKSourceLink: Creating An Engaging Website

    By Aaron Harris | Jul 28, 2014 --- If you, as an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, are reading this blog post then you probably already realize the importance of having a web presence for your company. While all kinds of social media are great, you can’t beat a basic website to make yourself and your company visible on the Internet. Even if you don’t do your own website work, it’s important to understand how people will potentially interact with the site. Once you have a website, you need people to use it.
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  • SoMNSourceLink: Building a Pitch for Your Idea

    By Maria Brown | Jul 24, 2014 --- With major league baseball in full swing now, we’re not talking about what happens between the mound and home plate here! Entrepreneurs are constantly faced with delivering their “pitch” to audiences, whether financial partners, other entrepreneurs, friends and family, and more.
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  • Introducing: Board Certified Programs

    By Erik Pedersen | July 23, 2014 --- Have you ever had an idea and after kicking it around for a few days thought to yourself, "You know, this has the chance to be great... if I can just figure out how to tell others about it in a way that makes sense?" That's where I'm at with a new E-Community opportunity that our NetWork Kansas Board approved in June.
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  • KCSourcelink: Steps to Launch - 4 Legal Tasks Every Startup Should Tackle

    By Kate Hodel | Jul 21, 2014 --- Starting a business is one of the most exciting things you’ll ever do. But it’s also really scary. However, the way you manage risk early on prevents you from spending your time (and money) putting out future fires.
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  • Farmers’ Markets For All

    By Jamie Hofling | July 18, 2014 --- The air fills with the smell of smoking sausage and scones. People stroll amidst fresh flowers, vine-ripened tomatoes, and aged cheeses, chatting with farmers and artisans.
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  • Entrepreneurs: Don't Attempt This DIY

    By Anne Dewvall | July 16, 2014 --- Unless you are a graphic designer by trade, you should think twice before putting the look of your business in your own hands. You may have fantastic taste or a fervor for Photoshop, but your business is too important to DIY graphic design.
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Consumer Behavior: Analyzing the Decision Making Process

Presented by Dotty Harpool

Do you ever wonder why consumers buy the brands and products that they do?  Consumers all follow a specific decision making process when they buy products.  By understanding how consumers think, you can be ready to introduce your product into the buying process.  Topics will include:
  • Stages of the consumer decision making process
  • How friends, family, and media affect the decisons consumers make
  • How consumers process information and use information to make decisions
  • What really motivates consumers to make a purchase?

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