• Director's Dialogue: The 3 E's Hold True

    By Erik Pedersen | August 20, 2014 --- Our philosophy is that each entrepreneur was at a different stage in their business lifecycle, and depending on what stage they are at, they could need 1, 2 or all 3 of what we called "the 3 E’s" - expertise, education, and economic resources.
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  • Loudoun SourceLink: 7 Books to Take to the Pool

    By Lois Kirkpatrick | August 19, 2014 --- Technically, summer lasts until September 21, so you still have time to get some summer reading done. A simple idea from one of these experts could propel your business to the next level.
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  • KCSourceLink: Myth-Busting Fears About Exporting

    By Kate Hodel | Aug 18, 2014 --- Entering international markets has historically been a smart way for small business to increase their size and market share. Nearly 96 percent of the world’s population and more than 70 percent of the world’s purchasing power are found outside of the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. And yet, only about 1 percent of American companies currently export products and services abroad. Of those, 58 percent export to only one country.
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  • Featured Farmers’ Markets in E-Communities

    By Jamie Hofling | August 15, 2014 --- My last blog entry (Farmers’ Markets For All) talked about the importance of a farmers’ market to a community. This month I asked some of our E-Communities to describe their market and how it became a success.
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  • IASourceLink: How 40% of Today’s Businesses Are Generating Leads Inexpensively

    By Matthew Cassady | August 14, 2014 --- A few years back, if someone mentioned the word BLOG, the first thing which came to mind was an online journal; a format for documenting thoughts and expressing ideas to later share with the world.
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  • 6 Steps to Improve Your Email Efficiency

    By Anne Dewvall | August 13, 2014 --- Move over staff meetings, email has taken the crown for time wasting. Keeping your inbox organized is step one in the fight to regain control of your email. Here are a few of our best tips to whip your inbox into shape:
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Consumer Behavior: Analyzing the Decision Making Process

Presented by Dotty Harpool

Do you ever wonder why consumers buy the brands and products that they do?  Consumers all follow a specific decision making process when they buy products.  By understanding how consumers think, you can be ready to introduce your product into the buying process.  Topics will include:
  • Stages of the consumer decision making process
  • How friends, family, and media affect the decisons consumers make
  • How consumers process information and use information to make decisions
  • What really motivates consumers to make a purchase?

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